Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Life in September

September was a pretty enjoyable month for me - if a little tiring. October is going to be very busy though, so I've also been enjoying a bit of down time before things get a little hectic.

I'll get the sad news out of the way first - my gran's dog passed away this month. She'd not been herself for a few weeks and took a really bad turn so my gran decided it was best for her to go to the vets and have her put to sleep. She was pretty old - around 13 years old, which I've been told is a good life for a dog of her breed. It does feel a little weird going to my gran's house and not having her greet you anymore though. My gran was unable to go and take her herself, so couldn't bare to watch her die, so my auntie took her instead and was told that she'd recently suffered a stroke so it was the best thing to do for her to let her pass away.

I mentioned last month that my football team, Coventry City, were returning to their home ground after over a year away. Our first game back was on 5th September, and it was an amazing evening. The atmosphere was so good, as the ground was practically full and we even managed a win wayhey! I've been a couple of times since and I'm really loving being back - I've just got to get used to having my Saturdays being taken away from me again!

Me and my husband thought we'd get in there while she's still quite young and take our niece to her first football match. She loved it - I think it helped that again we won - and even managed to pick up a few of the chants (the clean ones!). She's now well and truly hooked and keeps asking to go again.

Something really exciting happened this month - my sister got engaged! I'm so happy for her and really like her fiance, we've known him for years, and can't wait for the big day. She's going for a much shorter engagement than I had and wants to get married next August. She's asked me to be her maid of honour which I am so chuffed about, and has given me that extra motivation to push on with my weight loss.

I also returned back to work full time this month, which has been pretty exhausting. Having 6 weeks off and then another 3 weeks part time, it's a real shock to the system to then have to leave the office at 5pm! The first day I went back full time I was in bed from the moment I got home and slept right through until the next morning - I think it's safe to say I was pretty knackered! I've been back full time for a couple of weeks now and it's slowly getting easier for me, though I still have moments when I just really need my bed. You might have noticed that I haven't been blogging as much this month, and this has been the reason. Now I'm getting back to feeling like myself again I will be getting back into my regular blogging routine this month.

I know it's pretty early still but I've been getting into the Christmas spirit a little bit this month. I've bought a couple of Christmas presents already and stocked up on festive candles. I also got my hands on the Boots Christmas catalogue (that's when you know Christmas is coming!) and had a good flick through there for some gift inspiration. The only thing that isn't feeling so festive is the weather. It's been unseasonably warm in the UK this month, and I've been a little disappointed by it. I've been desperate to whack out my jumpers and plum lipsticks for a while now, and it's just not been happening! I never usually say this but I really want the cold weather to start!

I'm really looking forward to what October has to offer. I've got a few exciting things coming up including a trip to Wembley in a few weeks and my first ever blogger event which I'm going to tomorrow! I'm really excited but also quite nervous. You'll be able to see what I got up to there on Saturday. What did you all get up to in September?


  1. Lovely blog! So sorry to hear about your nan's dog :( xx

  2. I feel your pain about going back to full time work. I had 6 weeks off, then 3 week full time, then another 6 off. I go back on Monday, and I'm dreading it a little. I'm a bit worried I won't have the energy to blog after work!

    I'm glad your starting to feel more like yourself again, I hope it doesn't take me too long!


    1. Thank you hun, hope you've found going back to work ok xx