Monday, 30 January 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It's just over two weeks to go now until Valentine's Day. I don't know about you, but it only seems like five minutes ago that we were packing away our Christmas trees, so having this occasion so soon after can make it a little difficult to think of fresh gift ideas. Whether you're here looking for something to hint at your loved one, or looking for something to buy your wife or girlfriend, hopefully you'll find some useful ideas in this guide.

Hotel Chocolat Straight From The Heart Box £39 You can't go wrong with a box of chocolates on Valentine's day, and with Hotel Chocolat you're getting a bit of luxury too (you should do at that price!). The flavours in this box look delicious - the raspberry smoothie has caught my eye, and I'm always partial to a HC salted caramel choccie. Plus, this is a gift the guys can get in on too - if your other half is feeling generous!

Jo Malone Red Roses Candle £42 I'm not the hugest fan of fresh flowers - they never last that long for what you pay for them, and it's always a faff to get rid of them once they're dead. This candle on the other hand would be an ideal gift in my opinion. You still get the gorgeous scent of red roses but without the hassle, and lets face it, it's probably going to last longer!

Lush Lots Of Love Gift Set £39.95 I bought this set as a little treat to myself last year, but it seems that this years it's gotten even bigger and better. If my memory serves me correctly, there were less products last year, and they were all centered around bath time, whereas this box has much more of a mixed bag. I particularly like the look of the Love Spell massage bar. If I could justify the purchase (I still have so much Christmas Lush to get through!) then I'd definitely buy it again this year.

Charlotte Tilbury Valentine Lipstick £23 Miss Tilbury has smashed it again recently with two new gorgeous lipstick releases, this being one of them. Very aptly named for this time of year, Valentine is a beautiful light pink nude shade with a really creamy formula which sits really comfortably on the lips and has a hint of a shine to it. You could go all out and buy the Secret To Seduction Set which amongst other products other products contains the Valentine lipstick, but it's going to set you back over £100!

Chloe Love Story Eau de Toilette £58 One of the gifts I received off my husband this Christmas was the original Chloe perfume, which smells stunning. Having had a whiff of this scent too, I can tell you it's beautiful. Perfume is one of those ever popular gifts for Valentines day, and with a name like Love Story, I think this one would be very appropriate.

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Mug £19.95 So many women I know are obsessed with Emma Bridgewater at the moment, her products are just so pretty. However, with quite a hefty price tag (for what the items are anyway), not all of us can justify splashing out on them for ourselves, so they make a great gift. You can even get the mug personalised for a little extra.

Pandora Pink Bow & Lace Heart Charm £40 There are so many beautiful pieces in the Pandora Valentines collection this year, but this gorgeous charm was what caught my eye the most. I've love the softness of this shade of pink, it makes it a much more subtle piece than some of them. Don't worry if the lady in your life doesn't have a charm bracelet though, there's still so many other gorgeous items, like this pretty heart ring.

Kate Spade Be Mine Card Holder £45 I'm sure I'm among many women our there when I say I love Kate Spade, I'm absolutely in love with my handbag, but they are more of an investment. Some of their limited edition collections can be very out there, but I think this card holder design is so cute. If the love hearts are not your thing, then there's a beautiful soft pink card holder here for a slightly higher price of £60. Still in keeping with the Valentines theme, but a little more understated.

What are you hoping to buy or receive for Valentines day?


  1. AWWW!! These gift ideas are so cute! If I had a boyfriend, I'd totally love to get either a Jo Malone candle or anything from Kate Spade! Maybe one day....LOL!

    Daisy | The Dee Who Lived xoxo

    1. You could always treat yourself ;) that's what I did last year haha x