Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My February Photo Challenge

Since the Christmas holiday started, I tried to make more of a conscious effort to actually use my Instagram profile a lot more. My contribution to it during 2016 as a whole was pretty poor and I wanted to improve on that. Whilst it's definitely been getting a lot more use recently, there are still times when I skip posting for a few days. I remembered right at the start of last year, I took part in another photo challenge, and that really got me using my account more - I actually managed to complete it. So, this year, rather than finding another one to take part in, I thought I'd just make up my own!

Choosing February to do it has made things a little bit easier - it's the shortest day of the month for one, but also, as I go on maternity leave in a few weeks I should have a bit more free time on my hands towards the end of the month, before I'm snowed under with nappies and washing come March, to make sure I stay committed to the challenge towards the end.

I've chosen a bit of a mixed bag of topics I think. Some are really obvious in terms of the sorts of photos to take for them, others are a bit more obscure, so they are really wide open topics and I'm interested to see what anyone who takes part ends up posting for those.

I really hope that some of you will take part in this challenge with me. You can post for as many or as few days as you like - I know how difficult it is to remember to take a photo & post it every single day! But I found it really satisfying to look back at my monthly posts last time I took part, so I'm looking forward to doing it again.

Let me know if you will be taking part, and don't forget to use #KizzyHeartsFeb and tag me @kizzyhearts so that I can see your photos.


  1. I haven't done a photo challenge in a while I might give this one a go!


    1. Great, let me know if you do end up taking part :) x