Friday, 27 January 2017

My New Look Maternity Picks

If you read my Body Confidence in Pregnancy post, you'll know that one of the things I've done to improve my confidence with my changing shape was to invest in a few pieces of proper maternity wear. One of my favourite brands has come to be New Look. It's definitely the best brand I've come across in terms of good value (I'm was seriously praying that Primark would come out with a maternity range, but no such look) and some of the pieces are really pretty and flattering. Here are some of my favourite picks after having a little mooch on their website recently.

One thing that really gave me a boost was having my own maternity dress to wear during the party season. I was able to still look feminine and dressed up, and not look like I was wearing a bin bag draped over me! The floral wrap dress is a gorgeous pattern, and the tie front makes it very flattering over your bump. The skater dress has the same flattering feature, but I think this one could be dressed about as well as up.

A lot of the tops I've picked are the same, as in that they can be dressed both up and down. The only really casual pick of the bunch is actually my favourite. The navy stripe top doesn't look like much in the picture about, but there's actually a gold button detailing on the other shoulder, which makes it look that little bit different. I have to admit, the floral shirt doesn't look like much in the picture, but looks really nice paired with a cami underneath.

A lot of the maternity jeans that I've seen, and also bought, are very plain and simple, so I was surprised to come across the pair above. Having both rips in the knees, and a slightly frayed detailing at the ankle makes them more on trend than your bog standard maternity jeans. They look great paired with some ankle boots.

I don't know about any of you ladies who are/have been pregnant, but I've gotten to the stage now where I cannot sleep without a bra on. I've purchased a couple of Belvia bras in the past, but these sleeping bras appear to do exactly the same job, and are a few quid cheaper at the same time. I do often find myself wearing these during the day when I'm at home too, just for that added bit of comfort!

What's your favourite maternity brand?

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