Sunday, 8 January 2017

Winter Sales Haul

So in traditional fashion, I was straight online even before we'd got to Christmas Day seeing what bargains I could snap up in the winter sales. There wasn't a great deal I was after for myself, I have to admit most of the money I had aside for the sales went on clothes very my little boy - there were so many cute things around, particularly in the Asda sale - but I did pick of few of my own bits & bobs up that I thought I'd share with you.

The site I did the most damage on was Boots. In previous years I've waited until a few days after Christmas and headed to the shops, but was always disappointed with the selection that was left, so this year I made sure to get in early online as there were a couple of items I knew I definitely wanted to get. I'm a little annoyed though, as there should have been more items to show you than this, but unfortunately Boots emailed me around a week later (even after they said my parcel was dispatched!) to say that were were items they couldn't send me, not cool! The one thing I was most excited to get though was the Christmas Memories Yankee Candle. This is my all time favourite Christmas candle - it's just Christmas in a jar to me - and I was gutted when I couldn't find the one (I thought) I had left over from 2015. Now I have a large candle which I will definitely be keeping safe before next Christmas, and it only cost me £10.99. One gift set that I thought was brilliant value even before the sale was the Sanctuary Take 5 & Let Go Set. A giant mug for your tea, plus four very decent sized miniatures from the lovely Sanctuary Spa range at just £12 was brilliant value for money, but rather than snapping it up there & then I decided to hold off for an even better bargain - £6 this cost me! Also for £6 I got the Soap & Glory Girl O'Whirl Set, which also comes with four minis, as well as a shower puff. Finally from Boots I picked up a Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shower Gel. I've wanted to try one of these for ages, but for what they are they are pretty pricey - even in the sale it came in just under £10 - but I decided to treat myself. This was before I realised I was massively overstocked in the bath, shower & body product department! No more purchases by me for a while! I'm currently trying to decide whether to save this for next Christmas, or just pretend we are still in the festive period and use it now!

After the massive Boots splurge, I decided to be a little more restrained when browsing on Feel Unique, and actually ended up with not a lot. One of my favourite brands for pamper nights is Aromatherapy Associates so, whilst I can't use it now (their products aren't recommended during pregnancy), I picked up their Instant Wellbeing Gift Set for just £13.50, which contains rollerballs of their Deep Relax & Revive Morning oils. I have a feeling I'll be using the Revive on a lot very soon! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been obsessed with my Kikki K planner, so you might be wondering why I've also picked up the Feel Unique Beauty Diary. Whilst the Kikki K planner is great for keeping all of my blog content organised, I've always liked to keep all of my personal dates & appointments somewhere seperate, so this is exactly what I'll be using it for. Although it's really pretty & comes with some handy discount codes, there's no way I would've paid full price for it, but seeing it dropped down to £7.50 was pretty reasonable.

The final non-baby shopping stop was New Look. If I wasn't pregnant I know I could've spent an absolute fortune on there this year, there were so many nice things whilst I was browsing. I did pick up a couple of boring maternity wear essentials (though I was impressed to pick up a really cosy sweater for just £4!), but on top of those I also spotted this really pretty Leopard Print Bag. I've always been a fan of leopard print so knew I had to have this, and it was only £7. It's a bit bigger than my Kate Spade bag, so perfect for those days I need to carry a bit more with me, and has a really long strap so you can wear it across the body.

What did you pick up in the winter sales?

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