Friday, 13 March 2015

Beauty Tips I Wish I'd Known As A Teenager

I'm sure we've all been guilty of our fair share of beauty misdemeanors in the past. Even now I admit I don't always get it right, but it's so cringy to look back at some of the things you used to do as a teenager, and think you looked pretty good doing them! Here are some of the tips I wish I'd followed when I was a teenager, to stop these terrible crimes being comitted!

Test foundation in natural light
Oh dear, the dreaded orange lines on jaw line. Quite often I'd walk out of Boots with a foundation far to dark for my skintone, which I thought was perfect, and I'd end up looking tangoed. I think a big problem for me, and still is, is that a lot of drugstore brands don't do pale enough shades, so I used to just assume that the palest shade they had would be ok for me.

Don't wash your hair every day
Ok, this bad habit was actually one that I carried way into my twenties too. I was obsessive over my hair, thinking it had to be washed every day or it would look terrible. Obviously, eventually that became the case, as I washed it so much that it would become greasy really easily. Eventually I weaned myself off and now only wash my hair three times a week, sometimes less, and it takes much longer for the grease to show.

Fake tan takes time to develop
If I wasn't orange enough from the dodgy foundation, then a little mishap with the fake tan definitely ensured I was. The first time I came to use fake tan, which was in a spray can, I sprayed a thin layer over my face and body, took a look in the mirror and decided I wasn't tanned enough. I sprayed and sprayed until I was happy with the tone of my skin, but which point almost the whole can had gone. Three hours later I looked like I'd spent the last year on a Caribbean island! Lesson learned!

Less is more
In my teens I was really into my super shiny silver eyeshadow and heavy black eyeliner. I don't think I knew what a subtle natural look was. I'm surprised I got away with it, as I wore this makeup to school every day - maybe because I was so shy and sensitive the teachers didn't dare tell me off! Needless to say, once I hit sixth form, I ditched the silver shadow and opted for a nude eye instead.

Thread your eyebrows
It took me a really long time to discover eyebrow threading. I'd occasionally go in with tweezers in an attempt to tidy them up a bit, but it would get too painful and I'd give up halfway through, leaving me with uneven, and still messy looking, brows. I even remember once shaving the hairs above my nose just to get rid of my monobrow - do not try this at home!

What beauty tips do you wish you'd learned as a teen?


  1. Oh God so much cringe thinking back to all the things I should have done... Eyebrows, did I not realise I had them? I too fell trap to the over washing hair and swatching foundation in Boots to then buy the wrong shade. Such a good post, it'll be so hopeful to younger readers :) x
    Ally |

  2. I think so many young girls are going to have amazing skin and make up skills down to bloggers tips and you tube videos! They don't realise how lucky they are with all this information! There's so much I wish I hadn't done -dying my hair so often is probably the worst one, my hair is only just recovering now!