Monday, 22 June 2015

Recent Beauty Favourites

I'm baaaack!! Ok so my break lasted a tad(!) longer than I expected it to, very sorry about that! I'll get into why etc. another day, but today I'm talking beauty favourites. So, I haven't blogged about beauty products in yonks, but I've certainly been enjoying them in the meantime, and here's just a selection of the products I've been enjoying over the past few months.

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind here in the UK. It's been pretty miserable this past weekend, but we did have some pretty good weather a few weeks ago and it did get a little hot. Whilst I do love my body butters, it can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable slathering them on in warmer temperatures, which is where I've found The Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet really handy. It's so cool and refreshing on the skin and has a much thinner consistency to it than a butter, and absorbs into the skin really quickly. Strawberry is my favourite The Body Shop scent, but I can't wait to try the sorbet in the new Mojito scent, mmmm!

As we're heading into summer now, I've ditched the pastels and have been going for much more of a summer vibe on my nails. Rimmel's Lasting Finish in Fancy A Dip? reminds me so much of beautiful blue skies and has been getting a lot of use from me recently. The formula is really good - it applies evenly and takes just two coats to get a opaque finish. Plus your nails stay chip free for days with the Lasting Finish range!

When I first reviewed the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation earlier this year, I thought it was ok, but I wasn't exactly blown away with it. Well times have changed and this is now my go to base almost every day. It's really lightweight but still gives a good enough coverage for my needs, and lasts on the skin for as long as I need it to in the day. I can't believe something has replaced my Match Perfection as my favourite base - though I did have a feeling I would come to like it more during the summer!

Lots of people had been raving about Primark's Tweezers, so whilst I was stocking up my spring wardrobe, I decided to pick some up - after all they are only £1 for a pack of two, so it was hardly going to be a huge loss if they were no good! Whilst I could probably have done without the larger pair, the smaller ones are fantastic. They are great at pulling out those odd little hairs that seem to grow back quicker than the rest! I've found them really useful for giving my browns a tidy up between threading. And how cute is the butterfly design too?!

After having a matte lipstick phobia for god knows how long, I've recently become obsessed. I love the finish that they give and the fact that they have much better staying power. One of my favourites recently has been MAC's Kinda Sexy. It's a soft-brown nude with a hint of peach to it and, as the name would suggest, looks pretty damn sexy on the lips. I can't get enough of this lipstick and where it for any occasion - I'm wearing it down pretty fast so I can see my first ever lipstick repurchase looming very soon!

I've recently had my hair & makeup trial for my sister's wedding (exciting!) and so I thought I'd better get my hair in as best condition as possible pre-trial - including getting a haircut. I'm not one for regular haircuts, as I keep it up most of the time anyway, so just tend to let it grow. I hadn't realised just how bad a state I'd let it get in though, so before I let anyone come near me with a pair of scissors, I had to whip out my trusty Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mask. I hadn't used this in such a long time, I forgot how good it was. It sorted out my dry ends a treat, leaving them feeling soft and smooth, and my hair was much easier to comb through afterwards! lesson learned - I'll be going for more regular hair cuts from now on, just to keep things tidy!

Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof Mascara has been a very old favourite of mine. I don't wear waterproof mascara all the time, but with the sun making it's brief appearance recently, I needed a mascara that wasn't going to end up halfway down my face at the first sign of sweat. This mascara is my favourite waterproof formula as it holds a curl really well whilst giving good length. It stays put all day but doesn't take forever to remove in the evenings - win, win!

I've not really been experimenting much with eyeshadow recently, just sticking to the same neutral shades all over the lid - occasionally adding something different in the crease if I'm feeling really wild, haha! The palette I've been reaching for most has been my Stila In The Light Palette, particularly the shades Kitten & Bubbly (you can see pictures & swatches here). They're both really soft neutral shades, perfect for everyday wear, and still have that bit of shimmer that I like. The Stila shadows apply really nicely and last all day too.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your current beauty favourites?

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