Monday, 7 March 2016

Essie Cabana Boy

I think I may have just found a new favourite nail polish! I was browsing the aisles of Boots recently, when I spotted polishes in the Essie Retro Revival collection - a range of old discontinued polish shades, that have been re-released for a limited period. Cabana Boy instantly caught my eye, as I'm still really into the more nuder shades of nail polish at the moment. I don't buy Essie polishes too often, as they are quite pricey for a drugstore polish, but as they were on offer at the time, this one made it home with me.

Cabana Boy is a gorgeous pearly off-white shade, which I think has a hint of grey/lilac tones to it in some lights. I think it's a shade that would look great worn at any time of year, but I'm loving it as we transition into spring.

It was really easy to apply. The brush was really quite big, so it only takes a couple of strokes to completely cover each nail. With this being quite a sheer looking shade, I was expecting to have to apply quite a few coats before getting an opaque finish, but I ended up doing just two before I was happy with the finish. As with all Essie polishes, it has good lasting power & have been chip free for days.

What do you think to this shade? What's your favourite Essie polish?


  1. That color looks so cool! I think I'll buy one! Great choice