Sunday, 2 October 2016

I Have Some Exciting News!

So it's been a very long time since I wrote a post on Kizzy Hearts, or was present on any of my social media but, as you've probably already guessed from the photo, I have a very exciting reason for this - I am having a baby!

I hadn't intended on taking a blogging break at all, especially one this long. It was always my intention to carry on blogging as normal and make this announcement weeks ago. Unfortunately, pregnancy tiredness hit me hard, to the point that it took all I had just to make it through the working day, then more often than not I'd collapse in a heap on the bed in the evenings. The idea of sitting down at a computer and putting together a blog post for you in my spare time just seemed too much. I was severely lacking any energy or motivation. Because of this, the majority of my time at home over the last few months has been spent with my feet up relaxing, which luckily my husband has been great about.

As this post goes live, I am now 15 & a half weeks pregnant, and just about starting to feel human enough to share this news with you and get back to blogging again. I wouldn't say I suffered badly with morning sickness, compared to some I definitely got off lightly, but I really wasn't expecting it to last as long as it did - I don't know why I was expecting those horrible first trimester symptoms to just disappear overnight as the second trimester hit! Suffering crippling nausea for hours on end did make it very difficult to hide my pregnancy from my work colleagues, and after I made my announcement a few weeks ago, some of those I work closest with did admit they had already guessed my secret! Other than the standard tiredness and nausea, I've not had any of the strange pregnancy symptoms that I've read about - and no bizarre cravings to report yet.

So far everything has gone well *touch wood* with the pregnancy. I'm starting to get a hint of a bump, though I think I look more like I'm carrying a food baby at the moment. I can't wait until I can start feeling movements, which I think should be in the next few weeks, though the thought of being able to feel a little human wriggling around inside me does freak me out a little. We have a scan booked on Friday to (hopefully) find out the gender of the baby, which I can't wait for. There's only so much neutral stuff you can buy and I'm starting to get a little impatient not knowing - I was never good with surprises!

I'm not sure how often I'll do pregnancy updates on the blog, I think weekly may be a little excessive but, unless baby is being awkward, you can definitely expect a gender reveal post next weekend. In the meantime normal Kizzy Hearts content will resume, though I'm not going to commit to how regular posts will be. If there is any specific pregnancy related content you would like to see, please do let me know.

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