Sunday, 26 June 2016

Slimming World Sunday - The Best Motivational Tools

When you're on a weight loss journey it's inevitable that at some stage you'll hit a wall, which can often be difficult to get past. It's important that when we get to this point we've got something there to push us to keep on going, to keep us motivated. I tried all sorts throughout my journey, and also gained some great ideas from fellow group members, and these are the tools I've found to be most effective.

Display your certificates
They don't just give them out for fun, they really do work as a great weight loss tool! I displayed mine on my wardrobe doors so that I would look at them every single day. Seeing them all laid out would make me realise just how much I have achieved, and would really push me when I was close to my next award to fill in that space. If you don't attend a group, you could create your own award and print it out.

Reward yourself at each milestone
With something non food related of course! But if the lure of that next certificate is not enough to keep you going, then promising to treat yourself to something you've been after for a really long time could be the push you need, It could be a new beauty product, book, or even a special pamper treatment. If you have a really generous partner they may even wish to get in on this too and treat you instead.

Keep a before picture on display
If you have a picture of you at your heaviest, it may be a good idea to keep it somewhere that you can look back at and remind yourself when you are having a down day of just how far you've come and where you don't want to go back to. Taking photos at intervals, for example every month, to see how your body is changing can be really motivational too.

Hold on to one item of old clothing
Obviously you'd want to get rid of all of the clothes that made you feel bad as soon as possible, as you're not planning on wearing them ever again, but holding onto just one item can prove to be a great motivator further down the line. For me, this was my work trousers, which were actually too tight for me but I refused to get the next size up. Stepping into them and holding the waistband out in front of me made me feel so good about myself, as I could see just how much my size had changed.

Save up money for a target shopping trip
A new wardrobe is going to be essential after a dramatic weight loss, and it can be quite costly. Saving up just a pound or two for every pound in weight you lose will soon add up. You could even add in bonuses for every award you get too. Seeing the money go up and up could spur you on to lose more weight to boost your kitty, and you'll get a fantastic reward at the end of it. This is another one that your partner could get involved in if they wanted to.

Marbles in a jar
So many people in my group did this and found it to be a great visual tool. You'll need two jars, one labelled "pounds lost" and one "pounds to lose" and fill the to lose jar with either marbles, pebbles, or something similar, one for every pound you have to lose. As the weight comes off each week, move the corresponding number of marbles to the lost jar, and watch it fill up as your "to lose" jar empties. Simple but effective.

What tools do you use to motivate yourself?

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