Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

Blogging is quite a time consuming hobby to have, as there's a lot that goes into it than simply just writing a post. Quite often, especially if you're like me and have a full time job too, it can be difficult to juggle your time and still get what you want from your blog. Here are a few little time saving tips that I've picked up along the way to help you get the most out of your blogging time and not let it take over.

Take photos in bulk
This one is a particular life saver in the winter months, when I get all of my photos done at the weekend due to lighting issues, but as UK weather can be so unpredictable it's a good tip for any time of year really. I collect all of the products and props I'll need in a bag and snap away, so I've got enough pics for at least a weeks worth of posts. I'll then go through and pick which ones I'm keeping whilst I'm there, so that I can retake any shots if necessary.

Make your list app your new best friend
I love using the list apps on my phone to help keep on top of my blogging. Whilst it's always nice, and looks much prettier, to write everything down in a cute notebook, it's so much handier to have something you can use on the go. My favourite to use is Paperless Lite, and I use it to create to do lists and blog post ideas. It's so handy having the app to reach for whenever inspiration hits me, just in case I forget that genius idea I had later on in the day.

Get yourself a planner
There's so many free printables out there that you could use, but I got mine from here. Every week or so, I'll sit down with my list of blog post ideas and fill them in on my planner, so I know what my blogging schedule is going to look like. This saves loads of time rather than sitting at my computer wondering what it is I'm going to write about next. Having something like this with your blog posts laid out also makes it really easy to spot where you've got gaps in your uploading schedule.

Plan for breaks
If you usually sit down and have a mammoth blogging session on certain days of the week like I do, then make sure you always take small breaks. Sitting down working away for hours on end can actually hinder your productivity. I'll usually take 5-10 minutes between each blog post to make myself a drink, get a snack, or just generally get away from the screen for a while. Then when I'm back, I'm nice a refreshed to get cracking on the next post.

Keep away from your phone
Phones are such a huge distraction when we are working. It can be so tempting to read that incoming text, or check out whats going on on social media, which can really slow us down and means we are not getting the most out of the time we have to work. I like to have mine either in another room, or face down & on silent, so I'm not tempted to check it every five minutes!

Make the most of scheduling
Almost all of my blog posts are written in bulk, in advance and then scheduled for my usual 8am slot. This way I am able to get regular content out to you guys without running myself ragged every day trying to get something written. I do the same with a lot of my tweets. After I've written each blog post, I'll then use Hootsuite to schedule a tweet to go out at the same time the post is due to go live, so that my lovely Twitter followers will know I've got some new content for them.

I'd love to know if you've got any more time saving blogging tips - leave them below!


  1. OMG! your blog is beautiful! I love love love the design and I love the content <3 following <3 perfect <3


  2. I need to follow these, especially keeping away from my phone!


    1. Haha, I found that one so hard to do at first! xx