Thursday, 9 June 2016

Primark Haul June 2016

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, I've had a rotten cold and unfortunately had nothing prepared in advance that I could share with you. But now I'm back with one of my favourite posts - a Primark haul! I told myself when I got back into blogging that Primark hauls would not become a monthly thing again, but it's looking like that's actually going to happen again - oops! Here's what I've been buying over the last few weeks.

Collared vest £8.00
This was a bit pricey for a vest top I thought, but the pattern on the collar was so pretty I had to buy it. I thought this would make a great workwear piece as we head into summer, as the style would be a lot cooler to wear then a lot the long sleeved tops I've had in my wardrobe.

Floral vest £4.00
I bought this in a size 10 as there were no 8s left & thought it would be ok. It's a little bit gapey at the sides, but doesn't reveal too much so I've decided to keep it. I love the was this top falls, with it being longer in the middle.

Grey cami £4.00
I noticed a makeup stain on this after I'd taken the tag off - arrgggh!! Luckily I managed to wash it out, as there were so few of these left in the store I wasn't sure I'd be able to get a replacement anyway! These camis are great for summer as they're so lightweight, and look great paired with a nice jacket for evenings out.

Grey NYC sweater £5.00
I can't resist anything New York related....or grey for that matter! I did think twice about this sweater, after all I'm not exactly hoping for sweater weather at the moment, but this is actually made of quite a thin material. I thought it would be great for evening BBQs, when it's starting to cool down a bit.

Oversized white tee £3.00
This top is ridiculously oversized - I could've gone with a size 6 which is unheard of for me, but I stuck with the 8. I realised when I sorted through my wardrobe recently just how few plain white tees I had - in fact, I think it may only have been one! So it was definitely time to pick a new one up, I'm thinking I should've bought some more now, as they are such a staple item.

White dress £5.00
Another £5 dress purchase, I haven't made one of those in a while! I really love the pretty floral cut out pattern on this, and the shape is really flattering on my figure. They had loads of different colours, but I opted for simple white.

Hanky hem skirt £10.00
I find skirts a really awkward thing to buy. Unless they're mini, they tend to end on the wrong part of my leg and look stupid on me. This one though looked really good when I tried it on, maybe it was to do with the hanky style dips in the hem. The pattern is really nice too, as would look lovely with a plain white vest and some sandals.

Stone cord zip through skirt £3.00
This was a bit of an impulse purchase as it was reduced from £8, and I love zip front skirts. I'm not sure if I can pull a cord skirt off in the middle of summer but I'll make it work somehow, perhaps with a white top tucked in for work.

Grey crop trousers £6.00
I absolutely love these trousers. I've wanted something a bit different to the boring old black for a while, but didn't want anything too "out there". This colour is perfect, and I've actually managed to find some cropped trousers that look  cropped on me - usually they just look a couple of inches too short! I cannot believe these were only £6 either!

Ripped ankle grazer jeans £13.00
These are my new favourite casual jeans, I've had so much wear out of them already. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same luck with the length as I did with the cropped trousers, and I have to roll them up a bit but they still look good. They're super comfortable too.

Black heels £12.00
I bought these to wear with the black H&M dress that was in my previous haul and they went really well together. Because of the block heal, and the reasonable height, they were really comfortable to walk in, so I can see myself wearing these a lot more often.

Pink cut out peep toe shoes £4.00
These were reduced, I think from £6, and at such a low price I couldn't resist. There were loads of other colours available; mint green, tan, black, and possibly more, but I thought the dusky pink ones were the prettiest and would go with so many out my outfits. I may have to go back for the mint green though...

This ended up being a pretty long haul - woopsie! However, this little lot was a result of several shopping trips, not one massive spree. I've also just totted up all of my receipts and realised that this lot still comes in at well under £100 - bargain!!

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