Sunday, 19 June 2016

Slimming World Sunday - How I'm Spending My Syns

It's been a while since I did a Slimming World Sunday post. Unfortunately, the lure of Euro /2016 has been too much for me, so I haven't had much time to sit down and actually write any blog posts recently, let alone anything Slimming World relating. Luckily I had a day to myself yesterday and had a mammoth blogging session, so they'll be plenty of content up for you for a while.

So today I'm going to be taking about Syns - probably the best part of the Slimming World plan! I'm always scouring places like Instagram looking at what people are using their Syns on. If I can find something with a low syn value that's going to keep my cravings at bay, I'm more likely to stay on track, so I always make sure I;ve got my cupboards stocked with tasty treats. Here's what I've been loving spending my syns on recently.

For such a long time I used to snack on the Salt & Vinegar Snack A Jacks snack bags, but I actually find the jumbo ones much more satisfying now that I've tried them. They are 2 syns each, and I find that eating two is enough for me, so I'm saving 1.5 syns from the 26g bag I used to snack on. I find these satisfy my craving for a giant bag of crisps.

When I fancy something a little sweeter, my go to snack of the packs of Mikado chocolate biscuit sticks. They are just half a syn per stick, so you can get a lot for you syns depending on how much you are willing to spending on them (I usually have 10 for 5 syns), or if you're desperate for a sweet fix but close to your daily limit, these are a great thing to reach for. I like to mix and match the milk chocolate with white chocolate quite often too.

Quite a new discovery over the last few months have been the Fibre One Brownies. I first saw them on Instagram, and I think every Slimming Worlder and their dog has now tried these! They are just so good and at only 4 syns each they make the perfect alternative to an actual brownie, as they really do take any sweet craving away.

I absolutely love white chocolate, but I'm not often willing to spend a load of syns on one chocolate bar which lasts me about thirty seconds. The Milkybar Mousses are just 4.5 syns are are much more satisfying that a 7+ syn chocolate bar. I eat them with a tiny spoon so that I can savour every mouthful! They are great to have with strawberries dipped in too - delicious!

If I've saved up enough syns for the evening, I love to combine two of my new favourite products to create my all time favourite Slimming World friendly dessert - and trust me when I say this is heaven! I heat one of my Fibre One brownies in the microwave for just 30 seconds, then serve it with one of my Milkybar Mousses and some chopped strawberries. It's 8.5 syns in total, but well worth spending them on if I have them to spare. It's the ultimate sweet fix.

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