Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Recent Beauty Favourites

I was going to call this my February favourites, then I realised it had been a heck of a long time since I'd actually done a favourites post on my blog, and that a lot of the products I have to share with you I've been loving for a lot longer than just the month of February, so recent favourites it is!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen already that my product of the month for February was the Mum & Me Bump Body Lotion. I absolutely love this stuff, it leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and my bump is so smooth after applying. It has a lovely scent to it, but not too overpowering either. To go alongside that, I've also been using the Mum & Me Bump Bath Soak. I've been really impressed with this, it gives off loads of  bubbles with just a couple of drops and they stick around for ages too. I always feel nice and relaxed when I have a bath with this - I am getting to the stage where I'm struggling to get out of the bath unaided though!

I received the Chloe Eau de Toilette as a Christmas gift after spritzing it whilst out shopping and loving it. It's quite floral, but not too strong - anything that smells way too floral is always a miss with me. It's quite a soft and subtle scent, yet I find it lasts on me for a really long time. I've really loved using it since Christmas, and it's given my Jo Malone collection a little break!

If ever my nails have been painted this winter, you could pretty much guarantee that it was the Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Poppy that was on them. It's a gorgeous pinky-red shade, with the slightest hint of shimmer to it, so it's been ideal for winter time. It's quite an old-ish polish in my collection, and I haven't really seen it anywhere in stock recently, so I'm going to be gutted when this runs out.

I feel like I've gone on and on about the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow Talk so much in the short space of time that I've actually owned it, but it is such a gorgeous shade, the perfect pink-toned nude. Plus the formula of CT matte lipsticks always makes them so comfortable to wear. Though I have made the odd switch up to my daily lipstick, this has by far been my most reached for over the last month or so. Another Charlotte Tilbury product I've been really enjoying using recently is the Magic Foundation. It's got a really decent coverage, yet doesn't feel cakey or heavy, and looks flawless on my skin.

The MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study was one makeup item that sat unloved in my collection for quite a long time. It wasn't until I had a huge clearout recently that I've discovered how good it is, and now it's regularly used in my makeup routine. It's a really light, almost champagne colour, with a bit of a glossy sheen to it, which makes it perfect for those days when you can't be bothered to make much of an effort, as it still looks lovely on its own. However, what I've been doing quite a lot recently is using it as an eyeshadow base, particularly when using my Naked Palette, and the result is beautiful, plus I feel like it makes my eye makeup last longer. I can't believe I left this product for so long!

My final favourite is another product that has recently been mentioned on the blog - the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion. With it being more of a peachy toned blush, some would argue it's more spring appropriate rather than something to wear through winter, but I think it suits me really well, so I've been reaching for it most. The Ambient Lighting Blushes always give just the lightest hint of colour, which is great for if I accidentally go in a little heavy handed, and leave the nicest healthy looking glow to the cheeks.

What beauty products have you been loving recently?

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