Monday, 27 February 2017

February Primark Haul

It's been quite a long time since I did a good old Primark haul on my blog, way too long! I went in recently to pick up a few essentials for my hospital bag (post on that coming soon!), but it kind of turned into a full on splurge, so I thought I'd share with you all of the bits and pieces I picked up.

First off, a couple of homeware purchases. The throw was something I actually intended on buying from Primark. I've bought it just to put in my little boys nursery, as a decorative touch to the chair we have in there, and most likely I'll use it to keep me warm when I'm in there feeding him or reading a story. It's a pretty decent size, and for just £4 I thought it was quite good quality. The light brown works really well with his neutral decorations. The cushion was much more of an impulse purchase, but it was so soft and pretty that I didn't want to leave it, plus it was only £3! This fits nicely with the bedding we currently have in our bedroom.

I quickly realised when going through the babys wardrobe that we were lacking a bit in clothes for 3-6 months. With me wanting to buy as much baby stuff as possible before his arrival, as we soon won't have as much income as we did, I thought it was best to pick a few more bits up. I absolutely loved the designs on this pack of bodysuits (£7), especially the stars - he's got quite a few things with those on! Whilst it will be summer during these months, this is Britain after all, so we can't guarantee it's going to be warm and so we've picked up a few longer sleeved items, including this cute Mickey Mouse outfit with matching joggers, which was just £8.

Firstly I'll apologise for how ridiculously creased some of these items are - I swear they weren't even in the bag for that long before I photographed them! Anyway, as well as a few essentials, I wanted to treat myself to a few new items of clothing to wear for once the baby is here. Trying to guess what size I would be was tricky. Thankfully I've not put on too much weight, but I'm also aware my stomach isn't going to disappear overnight, so we opted for a size 14 - fingers crossed! My favourite piece is the blue shirt dress with belt (£12). It looks really comfy and I think it would look nice open at the top, with a white vest underneath and paired with some leggings. As well as this I picked up another shirt (£7) with a very pretty design, which I thought would be comfy to wear as it's quite floaty, and the jumper/shirt combo (£12) for those chillier days, if I fancy walking up town with the pram. The stripy tshirt (£4) has now gone into my hospital bag and I'll probably wear it as part of my going home outfit, as it should be nice & loose to ensure I'm as comfy as possible. As well as this tshirt, I also picked up a couple of basics for a couple of pounds each. I figured I didn't want to be wearing nice clothes all of the time when chances are I'll end up covered in baby sick!

As well as the clothing I decided to treat myself to this layered necklace. I'm a sucker for anything rose gold - and anything personalised -  and thought this necklace was really pretty, and most definitely good value for the £2 I paid for it.

Finally we have the boring old essentials for my hospital bag. It took me several trips to Primark, with it being winter, before I found any lightweight dressing gowns to wear on the hospital ward. I would've preferred something a little darker to hide the stains, but with time running out, I thought this blue one would do. I'd rather pay less than go somewhere else for something darker, and £8 was fine for me to pay for something I'm unlikely to wear again. I also picked up another nightdress for £4.50. I have a couple already, but with me quite possibly having to be induced, and having gestational diabetes which they like to keep you in longer for, I thought I'd better pick up another one. Again I wasn't really fussed what it looked like, as I'm likely to be throwing it away afterwards anyway, I just wanted something cheap! One item a lot of people had recommended putting in my hospital bag was a pair of flip flops for the shower, as you never know what condition they're going to be in! I had a pair already, but they were a bit grubby from wearing on holiday, so when I saw this pair was just 90p, I thought it was worth picking up some new ones.

What have you bought from Primark recently?


  1. I popped into primark the other day and bought a really lovely blue shirt for £10. It's definitely one of my favourite stores.

    1. I think a lot of the stuff they are starting to get in for spring is really pretty, I'm going to have to go back again once the baby is born & pick up a few more bits x