Friday, 24 February 2017

Gestational Diabetes & Pregnancy Update

Apologies for todays post going up a bit late, I'm sure you'll all understand though. This post was just meant to be a gestational diabetes update after my last round of appointments on Wednesday, but a lot has happened in terms of the pregnancy in general since then too, so I thought it best to fill you in on everything.

So, lets start with the actual reason for this post in the first place, how I'm getting on with controlling my gestational diabetes. Since my last scan and clinic appointment four weeks ago, I've had just one raised blood sugar reading - kind of annoying that it was just that single one, so close to a perfect score! I know exactly where it came from too - we had a staff meeting at which they served lunch, and I decided to push my luck and have a slice of pizza and a handful of potato wedges to go with my salad and, well, my body wasn't too impressed with that! The diabetes nurse I saw at my appointment clearly was impressed though, as she's told me she won't need to see me again at all - I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and contact the unit if there's a change in my readings at any point.

Other than the pizza incident, I have mainly been sticking to the foods I know work for me, which I mentioned in this post, and I have to say it's getting a little bit boring now. At first I was craving all the naughty foods - I was dying to eat a piece of chocolate - but it's now getting to the stage where I just want to eat some of those normal everyday things that my body just can't tolerate at the moment, like a bowl of porridge! I keep reminding myself that there's not long to go now and that it will all be worth it when I have my little boy in my arms.

Speaking of not long left, that brings me on to the additional part of this update. Unfortunately, my latest scan showed that baby's growth has slowed down a little bit. Looking at the measurements that were taken, it's only his abdominal circumference, which was on the high side previously, that has taken a large dip, which could be down to how I'm managing my diabetes. He is now sitting around the 50th centile for that, along with all his other measurements, so he is still a decent size, but they cannot ignore the fact that it's taken a dip.

As a result, I am now in & out of hospital, with twice weekly CTGs to monitor his heart rate, and scans once a week. I am also provisionally booked in for early induction of labour at around 38 weeks, though this is just a precaution in case the scans & CTGs throw up something unusual, and it may get pushed back by a week or so. It does mean I've not exactly had the relaxing start to maternity leave I was hoping for, and we've also been dashing around to make sure everything is prepared if he does make an early arrival, but if it means keeping my baby safe then so be it.

I had planned to get ahead of myself in terms of blog post writing, so that I would have some content scheduled to go up during his first couple of weeks and I could make the most of spending time together as a new family, but as you can probably imagine with all of the extra trips to hospital etc, this hasn't been possible, so I may disappear off the face of the blogging world for a while without warning, but I hope you understand why, and I'll be back as soon as I feel up to it! In the meantime, posts may not be as regular as they have been, I'll just have to see how much spare time I have to write them. Make sure you're following me on Instagram as I'm sure I'll be posting about his arrival on there as soon as friends & family all know!

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