Monday, 20 February 2017

My Baby Shower

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen already that 12th February was my baby shower. I had a really lovely afternoon with a relatively small group of my closest friends & family at home, and I think my mum & sister did a brilliant job of organising the day. I thought I'd share with you the highlights in pictures.

I absolutely love the decorations they picked for the house. It's a bit strange seeing everything in blue - I'm used to seeing everything pink with so many girls in our family! The elephant design was the perfect choice (we are both Coventry City fans and their mascot is a blue elephant, so we've gone a bit elephant crazy with clothes too!). I've kept quite a lot of the decorations in a little box for me to remember the day by.

Once everyone was settled in and had a drink, we started with a game of guess the bump size, which proved quite tricky for some. Obviously I wasn't able to take part in this one as I already knew, but it was interesting to see peoples guesses in comparison to the correct answer! After a bit of wandering around chatting to people it was time for food to be served, during which time the prediction cards were passed around, which I got to have a little read of at the end. Most people were quite kind with their baby size guesses, possibly as the bump game had revealed I was quite small, but some were not so generous with their labour time guesses! It will be interesting to see who ends up getting the closest when the time comes. The final games was "stick the dummy in the baby's mouth" which was absolutely hilarious! I came close to winning this myself (mine is the green dummy in the middle) but I was just slightly too high, and one dummy, hidden underneath mine, just pipped me to it.

Next it was time for cake, which was made by the same people who had made my sisters cake just over a year ago. It's really cute, and I love the Baby Williams ribbon detail on it - another thing from the day that I've managed to save in my memory box! Unfortunately I didn't want to risk spiking my blood sugar levels (for those that don't know, I have gestational diabetes) so decided not to have any of the cake myself, but I hear it was delicious! Another nice touch were these sweet bags that my sister made up for the guests to take away with them. Again, I've not had any myself, but I have saved a bag to tuck into once the baby is born.

Before everyone left, there was time for me to open all of my lovely gifts. I know some people are a bit funny about opening the gifts while your guests are still there, but I think it's nice to show your appreciation when people have spent money on you, and everyone I spoke to was pleased I did it this way, so they got to see what I received from everyone else. We really hadn't left our friends and family with very many options in terms of what to buy us, as we had done so much of our own baby shopping already - there wasn't much left that we needed. All of the things we did get though were absolutely lovely and really thoughtful - as well as practical! There were plenty of extremely useful toiletries and nappies, including the amazing nappy cake made by my mother in law. I've told her she needs to start making them and selling them as it was so good! There was also some beautiful clothing, a bedding set to match the decor of the nursery and a really sweet keepsake box, to name just a few things. My sister absolutely went to town and made up a huge gift basket full of goodies which was really nice. And of course I wasn't forgotten about - I have lots of little toiletries and choccies to indulge in once he's born.

I had an absolutely amazing day and I'm so grateful for the effort people went to, and the lovely gifts we now have for our little boy. I really hope that everyone who came had as good a time as I did, and it was nice to see some friends that I hadn't caught up with in a while - though I will be making up for that now I'm on maternity leave! It's my first official day of leave after the weekend today, and we are planning on going shopping for those last few baby buys with the money & vouchers we also received - and maybe a few more cute outfits!

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