Friday, 17 February 2017

My Maternity Leave To Do List

So today is my last day at work before I head off on maternity leave, and I cannot wait! I'm so looking forward to having the option as to whether I get up and go out somewhere, and being able to stay in bed if I'm having a pants day, as I'm starting to get really uncomfortable and could do with some rest - I can now see why my sister chose to start her maternity leave much earlier than I am! As well as some much needed rest though, I've still got a few jobs that still need doing before little one arrives, and I thought that as today marks the start of my leave I'd share them with you.

Pack my hospital bag Loads of people will think that at 35 weeks I'm leaving it quite late to make a start on this, but it's definitely top of my priority list now that I'm comfortable I've finally bought everything I'll need to put in it. I'll probably have this job done by the end of the weekend as I definitely don't want to get caught out & go into labour early without anything to take with me!

Get the last minute shopping done Quite conveniently, my last antenatal class has been postponed, so my husband has Monday off & we have nothing to do now - so we thought we'd take the opportunity to pick up the last minute bits & pieces we need. Off the top of my head, I don't think any of it was an urgent "must have before he gets here" purchase, but I'd like to have it all sorted beforehand. Plus, my friends & family have been generous enough to give us some cash & vouchers and I'm dying to spend them!

Wash clothes I've still got a lot of the clothes to get washed, and the bedding, so I really need to get cracking on this too. If I do one wash per day I should probably have this done by next week. I can't wait to see him in his little outfits when he arrives. Obviously I will start with the smallest clothes and work my way up, again in case he arrives early.

Make up the crib & put finishing touches to nursery The crib has been built for a few weeks now, but as the bedding is still to be washed, it's not ready. Once that's been done I want to get the finishing touches made to his nursery - even though her won't be sleeping in it for a good few months yet! I can't see myself having much time to do it once he's here, so I'd better get on with it. Plus, I want to do a nursery tour for you guys!

Have a general house clean Apparently every mum to be will get the urge to do this at some point, plus it will need doing anyway. My husband has put me off limits from doing certain things, but I'll do what I can at least. This shouldn't be a huge job for me to do now, as we had a massive clean & clear out not too long ago.

Prepare some freezer meals As we could end up in hospital at any given time, and not be able to do the food shopping for a while, I want to do some batch cooking to keep some portions of food in the freezer. Whilst I do plan on having a takeaway on my first evening back at home (due to gestational diabetes it's been so long since I did this!), I don't want to be living off takeaways for days on end, so having some backup in the freezer will come in handy in case we've got nothing in.

Print out my pregnancy pictures I mentioned a while ago that I planned on creating a Project Life scrapbook documenting the first year of my son's life, which will also include a few snaps and memories from whilst I've been pregnant. I want to get a head start on this before he's here, so I'm hoping I can print off my pregnancy pics and start putting the first few pages of the book together. Of course, all the baby prep takes priority first, but if I get time to do this too then even better!

Relax.....My family have been telling me to do this for ages now, but I've been running round like a headless chicken most weekends trying to get things done, and now my body is really telling me I need to slow down, so I plan on having as much relaxation time as I can before the baby arrives. This will involve catching up with some friends, watching any TV shows I've got recorded (I've still got Dr Foster sitting in my Sky Planner!) and catching up on some reading while I have the chance.

Who knows how much time I'll have to get all of these bits done. On one hand, I'd love to meet my boy as soon as possible, but there's this little selfish part of me that wants as much time to myself beforehand as I can get!

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