Friday, 10 February 2017

My Favourite Ways To Pass Time Without Technology

I'll admit, one of my favourite ways ever to spend my spare time is having a good old YouTube marathon, but I've become a firm believer that we should be spending less time with our gadgets, and more time doing the simpler things that we used to do, especially in the late evenings, as too much time on our phones etc before bed can disrupt our sleep. Here are my favourite things to do when I need some time away from technology.

Reading Ah the old classic, reading a good book. I don't read anywhere near as much as I used to, which I think is a shame, and I've still got quite a lot of books on my shelf to get through. I absolutely love getting lost in a good book when I get the chance, and a solid thirty minutes reading before bedtime is always guaranteed to switch off my brain and help me sleep much easier.

Writing lists & planning This could be for anything, whether it be life admin bits & bobs, or putting together a plan for some blog posts. I like to be organised and have an idea of what I'm doing, so making lists and keeping my diary up to date is very satisfying to me. Plus, I love collecting cute stationery! I also have a Q&A 5 Year Journal which I fill in each night before bed.

Colouring Adult colouring books have become huge over the last couple of years, and they really are a great way to relax when your stressed, or wind down during the evening. I got this gorgeous set of pens, which came with a colouring book, as a Christmas gift and it's become great for passing my time since - especially when I end up craving foods I can't have at the moment, it's a great distraction!

Walking around my town I love this one especially as we are within walking distance of everything within the little town we live in. It's been so nice since moving back here to just be able to take a quick walk into town and grab a cake & drink in one of the cafes, or if the weather is nice, just take a stroll round the park. Admittedly, this has become less frequent as my pregnancy has progressed and my energy has been lacking somewhat, but I can't wait to make this a regular thing again soon.

Mini pamper sessions This is not only a great way to pass the time, but a guaranteed way to make me feel better too. I'll run myself a bath, pop on a face mask, and if I've got the time I'll treat myself to an at home manicure too. And if I'm going for a full blown pamper session, I'll make sure I use all of my best products, light a candle and go for a much longer soak too.

How do you like to pass time without technology?

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