Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Look Wishlist

I haven't been on a big New Look shop for a long time, which is not like me at all - usually you can't keep me away from the place. But I'm trying to be kind to by bank balance and spend a little less at the moment. That doesn't stop me from looking though, and I found these beauties whilst browsing online.

1. Peach pleat detail clutch £8.99 I don't own too many clutch bags, and the one's I do are all black, so this would be a great little addition to my bag collection. If you weren't a fan of this colour, there's a load of other colours to choose from in this design. I did have my eye on the mint green colour for a while, but unfortunately that is now sold out online. I know this peach colour will go with a lot of dresses in my wardrobe.
2. White bulldog selfie t-shirt £7.99 I've bought a lot of print t-shirts from New Look and this one was my pick of the current bunch. It's so cute! I love cats & dogs and I thought the selfie theme was very appropriate for the blogging world - we do spend a lot of time on Instagram! I think this one will be making it's way into my shopping basket very soon - it's just too cute not to buy!
3. Black contrast collar skater dress £22.99 Since getting to my weight loss target, I've bought a lot of "home" clothes for evenings and weekends but not so much for work. My work wardrobe is in serious need of an update - oversized everything is not a good look! I thought this dress would be a perfect place to start and would also be something I could wear outside of work too - for a meal out perhaps.
4. Pack of 5 gold daisy bracelets £4.99 I saw these bracelets whilst I was having a browse through the store a few weeks ago and I really wish I'd picked them up. They're so dainty and cute, and not too pricey either - working out at £1 per bracelet. You can mix and match them in so many different ways, or wear them all at the same time. And I already have a necklace which would go perfectly with the daisy bracelet - it's like it was meant to be!
5. Black buckle strap boots £17.99 (previously £27.99) I don't really need these - I have more than enough pairs of boots, but I've fallen in love with this pair. I've been practically living in boots this winter, and I think New Look are the best when it comes to shoes & boots, so it's not surprising I've found another pair I like. Personally, I prefer the black ones, but this pair also comes in tan, if that's more your thing. They've also currently got an offer on £10 off these boots at the moment, so really I should pick them up before I miss out...
What have you been lusting after, or buying, in New Look recently?


  1. I love New Look clothing!
    That dress is really pretty, love the collar.


    1. It's probably my favourite clothes shop - not too pricey but still some very lovely things xx