Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil Review

I was in town a few weeks ago when I strolled past The Body Shop and caught a glimpse of this little lovely in the window. I instantly did a heel-turn and marched straight into the store to purchase it. I'd read a lot of reviews on this serum around the time of the product launch and was so intrigued by it. Now I've had the opportunity to try it for myself, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts.

As this product is a serum-in-oil, you get the benefits of both products whilst cutting down the steps in your skincare routine. The Body Shop say that this product is like 8 hours beauty sleep for your skin and will leave it rested, replenished & recharged.
The products is dispensed from a pipet applicator in the lid of the packaging, so you get very minimal wastage compared to oils that you just pour out of the bottle. You rub 2-3 drops of the oil in the palm of your hands and the massage in small circular motions onto your face.

It doesn't feel heavy at all upon application and sinks into the skin very quickly, so you're not sat there feeling like an oil slick all night. It has got a slight scent to it, which does linger for a while, but it's a scent that I actually quite like.
The Body Shop have made some very strong claims when it comes to this product, but I have to say I completely agree with them. I can feel a noticeable difference to the texture of my skin, it feels a lot softer than before and feels so much more hydrated. I've also noticed my skin looking a lot more radiant in the mornings when I use it, like it has a glow to it that I could only previously achieve with makeup applied.

I am so, so impressed with this product and cannot recommend it to you enough. I had such high hopes when I purchased it, and it has not disappointed me in the slightest. I can't think of a single complaint to make about it - usually I have at least one tiny niggle with something. At only £12 for a 28ml bottle, it's such a steal - it's worked so much better for me than some products three times the price!

Have you tried this serum-in-oil? What did you think of it? What products do you use in your evening skincare?


  1. I was tempted to try the Clarins facial oil when I run out of my current one, but I think I might give this a try as it's a lot cheaper, but sounds just as nice.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. I've never tried the Clarins one so wouldn't be able to give a comparision, but this one is great for the money you're paying xx

  2. Great review! I really like the sound of this. I really love the Vitamin E range, particularly in winter time because its all so moisturising however I haven't tried this yet. I think i'll be picking it up on my next trip to The Body Shop though! xx

    1. Do it! I'd never tried anything from the Vitamin E range before but had tried a few Body Shop skincare products & found them to be a bit hit & miss. This is by far the best thing I've tried from them skincare wise! xx