Friday, 4 April 2014

Seventeen Cheek Stamp Review

I hate falling for gimmicky products, but when I saw this blush appearing on a few blogs, I was intrigued by the design, so it quickly made it's way onto my wishlist. I popped into Boots last weekend to pick up a couple more of Seventeen's Stay Pout lipsticks, which I raved about here, and Boots still had their 3 for 2 offer on Seventeen products, so it seemed the perfect time to test one of these out.

The shade I opted for was Stare Struck, a deep mauvey-pink colour with a hint of shimmer to it. There's five shades to choose from in total - not the greatest range, but most drugstore blushes do have a very limited shade range. Despite the number being small, the range of colour is good and there's both shimmer and matte options available, so something for everyone's tastes.

This product was very much designed with travel in mind. The product and applicator all come in one little compact pot, and there's even a little mirror on the lid, which makes it great to pop in your makeup bag and apply on the go.

When you open the packaging up, the product is in the lid (have fun taking the protective plastic off - I was there for ages!). To get the product onto the sponge, you place it in the lid and press down on the spring. When the spring pops back up, the sponge will be covered in blush which you then apply to your cheeks. Be warned though it does come out very pigmented, so go on lightly and be prepared to do some serious blending! If you do tend to go in a little more heavy handed, you may want to tap some of the excess away on your hand before you apply to the cheeks, to avoid it looking like it's been caked on.

The colour is very pretty and appropriate for spring, as are most of the colour from the range. This particular shade is quite shimmery, so it's not one for those who aren't a fan of that sort of thing - luckily I am. I've found it to be pretty long lasting too, with around 7-8 hours wear so that's most of my working day covered.

Overall, although I like the colour of the product and it is a very interesting idea, I don't think I will be purchasing one again. I found it pretty difficult to work with due to the application method. You end up looking a bit like a clown with two blush circles stamped on your face, so a lot of blending is required to get the finish you want, something which isn't good if you don't have much time to apply your makeup in the morning. You could of course apply the blush with a brush but that's not really the point of the product, and I've found this product doesn't pick up very well on a brush anyway. It's always nice to give these things a go though and I'm happy with the shade I picked up, so I will continue to use this when I have more time to get ready. They are available from Boots for £4.99 each, so pretty affordable if you don't mind the extra effort to blend them out.
Have you tried these blushes? What did you think of the application? What are your favourite drugstore blushes?

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