Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Recent Fashion Purchases

I've been trying to watch how much I'm spending recently, so it's taken me a while to get together enough fashion items for one haul post. Usually I'd have more than this to show you from just one trip to one single shop, but it has taken a fair few weeks to accumulate the goodies I'm about to show you. But if there's on thing this spending cut has taught me, it's to be more selective and really think about what I'm buying, rather than just putting anything in my basket because I thought it looked pretty, so I'm really pleased with the items I've been picking up recently.

First up was a little trip to Primark. As well as a few boring essentials, I picked up a really cute floral print denim cropped vest. I picked this up with my upcoming honeymoon in mind (and possibly summer in the UK, if we get one!) and thought it would look nice with the black maxi skirt I picked up a while ago in my online shopping haul or a pair of high-waisted shorts. Unfortunately, I bought this quite a while ago so I'm not 100% sure on the price, but I think it was around £6.

Also with the holiday in mind, and sticking with the floral theme, I picked up a mini skirt from New Look for £9.99. I'll be teaming this was a basic vest top and a pair of sandals for a simple evening outfit. New Look have so many lovely patterned mini skirts at the moment, it was hard to resist picking up more!

Also from New Look, I picked up a basic pocket t-shirt for £6.99. I'm obsessed with all things mint green at the moment, and there's so much of it in the shops right now, so again it was hard not to pick up even more items. It's quite loose fitting, and I've been pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans at the moment but, once it gets a little warmer, I'll be wearing it with denim shorts - this will probably come on holiday with me too for days away from the hotel.

Last weekend I went on a mad panic around town trying to find something to wear for my hen party. I left the shops a little disappointed - there wasn't a lot of appropriate outfits that I actually liked, and what I did like I thought didn't suit me when I tried it on. In the end I was able to put together something after rummaging through my wardrobe, but one thing I did come home with was a new pair of shoes to wear for the evening. Again from New Look, they are a simple black pair of block heels with a double strap. They were super comfortable, especially seeing as I was on my feet for most of the night, and I think I'll be getting a lot of use from them in the coming months. They were £19.99 but, as I had £15 left on a gift card, I only paid £4.99 for them - yay!

One shop I very rarely go in - mainly because I find their sizing to be very hit & miss - is H&M, but recently I've picked up a couple of new items from there. First up was a cream & navy striped light-knit top, which was £14.99. I've practically lived in this since I bought it and I love it so much. It's over-sized and has a slight dipped hem at the back. I've been loving wearing this with skinny jeans/jeggings. It is quite see-through though, so you do need to wear a vest top underneath.

My most recent purchase, I have Khila from Miss Budget Beauty to blame thank for. In her recent H&M haul, she showed a gorgeous grey faux-leather jacket that she picked up for £30. Even then I thought that was a pretty reasonable price, but when she then said that she had since seen it in the sale for £15, I had to try and hunt it down. So, whilst out on my unsuccessful hen party outfit hunt, I took a little detour into my local H&M and searched the sale rails for it. I was about to give up when my sister managed to find the last one (from a rail I swear I'd already looked at!) and luckily it fit me and looked great.

What fashion items have you been buying recently? Have you managed to hunt down any bargains?


  1. I am just LOVINNNNNNG primar at the minute! hehehe.
    Those shoes are gorgeous!

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. I'm in love with primark!
    Gorgeous pieces.
    Chloe // www.throughchloeslens.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. Fab post! Don't know how you did it! I'm always trying to be careful with my money but I can't help buying clothes. Most of them stay in my wardrobe for months too!



    1. It took a lot to stay that restrained trust me! xx