Saturday, 28 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked Palette

So here comes the first of my reviews from my pretty hefty Makeup Revolution haul. I've been trying the Romantic Smoked palette a few times since I bought it and have to say I am pretty impressed with this palette, considering it's only £4.

The palette consists of a mixture of six shimmer and six matte shades, most based around a purple & green colour theme. The khaki green colours in particular are stunning and I think I'll get a lot of use out of the shimmery khaki shade (4th one in). I was surprised when the palette arrived at just how big it was. The shadow pans are a lot larger than the likes of MUA and the Urban Decay Naked palettes, so I feel like your getting more for your money.

The formula of the shimmer shades is nice and buttery soft, and they apply smoothly to the lids, with pretty good pigmentation. The mattes are slightly more on the chalky side, but still good to work with, you just need to be a little more generous in your application that you would with the shimmers to get good pay off. I'd watch out when using the nude shadow on the far right though - I tended to get a lot of fallout when using this one.

In terms of wear, I'd say these were just as good as my MUA palettes. If you wear them with a primer underneath, they are going to last you pretty much a whole day out, though I did achieve long wearing results whilst wearing without a primer too.

The six shimmer shades
The six matte shades
Overall I'm really impressed with this palette, I think it would be perfect for creating a smokey eye on an evening out. They are very similar to MUAs palettes, which I was kind of expecting, but I think the quality of the shades is better all round in this palette - I find the pigmentation of MUA shadows to be a little hit and miss. I love the colours of these shadows too - they were something that was missing in the eyeshadow collection, as I tend to go for brown-nudes more often than not. For £4, I definitely think it's worth picking up a palette or two!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes? What do you think to them, and which is your favourite?


  1. I haven't try any Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes but I love the matte shades!

    Lilly. xx

    1. You really should, they have some great dupes for the Naked palettes too xx

  2. Hi Kirsty, I'm obsessed with MakeupRev - I'm a bit of a budget bunny so you can imagine my excitement when I realised they were not only affordable but the quality was really good!!

    Jo xx

    1. I know, it's great isn't it. I couldn't believe the quality of some of the stuff, considering how much I paid for this lot! xx

  3. lovely shades! i havent stopped hearing amazing things about this brand!
    xprincessjas | ♥