Saturday, 12 July 2014

What I Got For My Birthday - Fashion

So now we have part two of my birthday "haul", featuring all of the fashion items I bought and received. I didn't intend on buying many items of clothing, I had few things on my wishlist I wanted to pick up but other than that I wanted to try and spend as little as possible - until I set foot in New Look! I can never go in that shop and buy just one or two things - I have to have a giant bag full! And since going shopping I've received another New Look gift card from my sister in law, so more damage will be done soon!

First up are the items I received as gifts, rather than buying with my birthday money. I love Topshop Leigh jeans - I practically live in my blue ones, and have one of the tile print pairs too. I received the pale pink pair as a gift from my sister, after she saw I'd fallen in love with them on a recent shopping trip with her, and the black pair, which I've been after for ages but could never find in my size, were a gift from my husband.
The mint green top was from my mother in law & father in law. My mother in law knows I love mint green at the moment, so this was a perfect choice. It's got a gorgeous flower lace detail, with gems around the neckline.


Top of my "fashion items to purchase list" were these camis with the V-neck strap detail from River Island. These crop up so many times on vlogs and OOTD's and they look so simple but pretty. There were so many colours, I wanted them all, but I just stuck with the basic black and cream.
When we were in Selfridges, I took a little wander over to the Primark section. I love shopping for Primark goodies in Selfridges. Everything is laid out so nicely - a much better experience than shopping in the stores themselves! I spotted these black shorts with the cut out detailing at the bottom, and thought they would look nice with my new cream cami. They were such a good bargain at only £10 and are really good quality - you wouldn't think they were Primark shorts!

So before we went home it was time to take a visit to New Look. I purposely left this til last as I knew these bags would be the heaviest - plus, if I went there first I would probably have ended up with no money to spend anywhere else! I bought a couple of dresses, both in a floral print. The cream one is nice and floaty, and would be great to wear with a pair of cute sandals on a really hot day (I could've done with wearing it today actually!). The blue and yellow print dress is great for everyday wear - I will probably end up wearing it to work a lot.
I also picked up a pretty little crop vest with a crochet style hem, which I think will look nice with a pair of high waisted denim shorts. And I have another kimono! I didn't really need another one in my collection but this one really stood out to me in the shop, and is probably now my favourite. This one is an Aztec print with (again) a crochet style hem.

Next up I bought two skirts, both very different styles. The first is a button up, acid wash denim skirt, with a cute floral details belt. I spent the longest time deciding whether I was actually going to buy this or not, but I'm glad I did - I have a few nice floral tops that would go perfectly with it. The second skirt is a lot more fitted and more formal. I'll probably wear it on an evening out, or possibly with a pair of tights underneath for work. It a monochrome Aztec print and a black waistband. I was a little worried as it's quite fitted, but it's actually very flattering.
Finally, probably my favourite fashion purchase of the day, was this brown bowler bag. It's so gorgeous, when I saw it hung up in the shop I had to buy it - and it was only £20! It's the perfect size too - it's big enough to fit anything I would need to carry in, but isn't bulky. This is going to get a lot of use from me in the coming months.

What do you think to the items I got? Any suggestions as to what I should buy with my New Look gift card?


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  2. That bag is adorable:) you have a super cute blog! New reader:) -m
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    1. Thank you - the bag was my favourite purchase :) xx

  3. I love Leigh jeans too - they're so comfy and easy to wear, aren't they?
    You got some lovely items! xx

    1. Yes definitely - they seem to be the only jeans I wear now! xx

  4. You've got some lovely things, I love the bag!