Thursday, 5 February 2015

Accessorize Wishlist

A couple of weeks ago I was having a wander around Fosse Park and noticed that Monsoon/Accessorize still had their sale on, so I thought I'd go in for a look around. Whilst nothing in the reduced section took my fancy, I did notice that there were a lot of lovely new things in there (typical, I always want the full price stuff!). Unfortunately my bank balance prevented me from buying anything at the time, but I've got a few things in mind for when my next payday comes around.

Anna Scallop Flap Shoulder Bag £32.00 

I think I'm actually in love with this bag - I was there for a good few minutes staring at it in the shop, trying to work out how I could afford to purchase it right that second! It's a gorgeous mint colour, quite spring appropriate I guess, but that's where my mind is right now - I'm sick of winter! The twist lock opening could get a little annoying and inconvenient, but I guess it makes the bag more secure. There's also a tonne of space inside.

Serina Flower Comb £15.00
This is gorgeous - really pretty and girly. I wear my hair up about 99.9% of the time, so it can be a little boring, but adding this to the side of an up do will make it look a lot more interesting.

Daisy Chain Collar Necklace £10.00
I was kind of hoping this would be an item that I'd find in the sale, since I'm pretty sure they've been selling this for ages, but it wasn't to be! I went through a phase where I was obsessed with daisies last spring, and I think it's coming back again this year. This was a piece that I was lusting after back then but never picked up, so I'm really pleased it's still in stock. Maybe this year!

Alexa Bead Collar Necklace £19.00
I bought a load of statement necklaces last year, so I probably don't need any more, but this one is hard to resist. The detailing is so pretty, plus the mint would go with the bag!

Cut Out Heart Ring £10.00
Rings are something I don't very often buy (or wear, besides my wedding ring) so it's not often that one catches my eye. I thought this was very cute yet simple, and fits right in with Valentine's Day coming up!

What do you think to my picks? What accessories have you bought recently?


  1. aw that daisy chain necklace is so so cute!!i love it:)xxx

    1. I know, I have a similar necklace with just one daisy, but this one is even prettier xx

  2. I've seen some great bags in Accessorize lately! It's getting me excited for Spring time! So many lovely colours.



    1. I know, I saw a really nice lilac one too, but this mint one really grabbed my attention xx