Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Underrated Brand - Natural Collection

Quite often I see people asking for recommendations for really cheap makeup items and whilst the praise that the likes of Makeup Revolution receive is well deserved, there's one brand that I think gets quite overlooked in the beauty world, and that's Boots Natural Collection. Whilst there are a few duds in there (I'm really not a fan of their foundation), there are some real gems to be found and I thought I'd share them with you.

Their blushes are most definitely my favourite products. They are nicely pigmented and have a creamy texture rather than chalky, which a lot of budget blushers can be. The shade Dusky Pink stays in my everyday makeup stash pretty much all year round.

I'd definitely recommend getting your hands on a few of their eyeshadows. The matte shades can be a little hit and miss but the shimmers are absolutely gorgeous. They apply nice and smoothly with no fallout and have a really good wear time - I wish Natural Collection would release a shimmer palette.

I was really surprised by the pigmentation of the moisture shine lipsticks, it's really bright and intense. The formula is really soft and hydrating, so they're a good one for dry lip days. The wear time is what you'd come to expect from this kind of formulation of lipstick, at around the 2-3 hour mark.

Their lip liners are one of my more recent discoveries. They apply really smoothly without dragging along the lips and last a really long time without being drying to the lips. They have some gorgeous colours too - I'd really recommend Ruby Rose.

The best part about the Natural Collection is that all of their products cost just £1.99 each, so you could stock up on a whole bag full of makeup for such a low price.

Have you tried any Natural Collection products?


  1. I use crushed walnut eyeshadow as a contouring colour, its perfect for cool tones.

    1. I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the tip xx

  2. I also love the blushers! The tinted moisturiser isn't bad. I keep meaning to try the lipsticks as my friend swears by them and they look great on her

    1. There's some really good colours in the range, would definitely recommend looking at the lipsticks. I've never been a fan of their base products unfortunately, though I did used to swear by their concealer stick when I was in my teens xx