Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Currently Loving - Mint Green


There's something about mint green that really gets me in the mood for spring. It's a lovely pastel shade that I find to be really flattering when I wear it. The shops seem to be awash with it this year, none more so than New Look. I was browsing through my favourite store this weekend and could easily have picked up a basket full of new items for my wardrobe. But, as I am on a spending cut for the next couple of months, I had to resist the temptation. I thought I'd put together a little wishlist that I can refer back to when I have a few more pennies to spare next month and can pick up a few items, or to inspire you if you love mint green as much as I do!
Top of my wishlist from this collection has to be the gorgeous flower clutch bag. I recently purchased a black purse with the same design and I absolutely love it, it's so girly. I thought this would be perfect for when I dress up for any special occasions over the next few months.
With holiday clothes shopping in mind, I picked a vest, t-shirt and shorts. Shorts are a must have for any sunshine getaway and I thought these were a nice change from the usual blue denim I normally opt for in the summer. The vest I think is really versatile and could be dressed a bit for an evening look as well as being able to work into a casual daytime outfit.
One item that almost made it out of the store in my shopping bag this weekend was the floral jumper. I thought it would be perfect to add a little bit of colour into my work outfits, or even tuck into a skirt for a girly daytime outfit. Next month, this will be mine!
I like to wear hoodies if I go outdoors to do a workout and it's a little chilly, or to just have a casual day around the house. When I recently had a clearout of my wardrobe, I had to throw one of my hoodies away as it was getting a little tatty - it's about time I replaced it, right?!
Finally on my minty wishlist is a gorgeous pair of heels. This style of shoe is everywhere this season and I'm really liking them. They come in a variety of shades on the New Look website, and if I came to buy them I would probably be torn between the mint green and white ones. Whilst white would go with a lot more, the mint green is just too pretty - help!
Do you want or have any of these items? What spring/summer fashion items have you been lusting after?


  1. I absolutely adore this colour. need to get some more of it in my wardrobe :) great post xox
    Amira http://holychicxox.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Loving this color for the Spring! I have been wanting a pair of heels like that for the longest!


    1. Me too, I've seen them everywhere! xx

  3. I love love love this colour and I can't thank you enough for this blog post.



  4. I adore this colour too, I love that swing vest!

    Gem x