Friday, 28 March 2014

My New Favourite Lipstick For Under £5

Seventeen is a brand I've kind of shunned in the recent past. I used to get bought a lot of their makeup when I was in my early teens, and the quality was not so great back then, so I've stayed away ever since. That was until a few weeks ago and oh my how things have changed! I'd read a few positive reviews for their Stay Pout lipsticks and something inside was niggling at me to give Seventeen another chance. On one of a fair few recent Boots 3 for 2 shopping trips, I decided to pick a couple of them up, and I'm so glad I did.

The two shades I bought, Make An Entrance & Date Night, look very similar in the picture above, but I can assure you they have a different finish on the lips. Make An Entrance is a vibrant orange colour, and Date Night is a bold red with a slight hint of orange. I did have a swatch of some of the lighter colours, but they seemed to have a slightly frosty finish to them which wasn't to my liking.

These lipsticks are super smooth. They glide on and apply nicely, although I found that you do have to apply a couple of layers to get the desired colour finish. This does mean, however, that you could go in with a more subtle daytime look if you so wished. Once applied they stay in place well, and there's no smudging.

They contain shea butter, which leaves the skin feeling moisturised and, even with my horribly flaky lips, I find that it doesn't dry them out over time. You don't get as much wear out of them as you would with a matte lipsticks, but this is to be expected. If all you're doing is chatting and drinking, you can expect around 4, possibly 5, hours wear from them - I've found that it doesn't transfer onto my glass when I'm drinking either. However, after going for a rather hefty meal a couple of days ago I found that, although there was still some colour there, the majority had faded away and a touch up was needed.

Overall I'm pretty impressed. For such a small price, I get a gorgeous vibrant colour which will last a decent amount of time, without the dryness of a matte formula - just be prepared if you wear them out for dinner! I've already got my eye on another shade - Delinquent, which is a stunning fuchsia pink. You can pick these up from Boots for £4.49 each.

Have you tried the Seventeen Stay Pout lipsticks? Which shades do you have? What is your favourite budget lipstick?


  1. I have Make An Entrance, it's such a great shade! I was really impressed with these lipsticks too :) xx

    1. They are such great value for money. I've actually picked up two more today oops! xx