Thursday, 15 May 2014

Holiday Fashion Haul

I can't believe in two and a half weeks I'll be in sunny Cyprus - it still doesn't feel like I'm going on holiday! I thought this haul was going to be a lot bigger than it was but, looking through my wardrobe recently, I realised I already had a lot of stuff I could take away with me on holiday. As last summer I was in the process of losing weight in preparation for this years' holiday, I picked up a lot of things in the sales last year in a size 10 with this year in mind. So, when it came to holiday shopping this year, it was only really bikinis and flip flops I was in need of. But, of course, I did pick up a few extra items along the way.

I wanted to get the majority of my holiday clothes from Primark. It's so cheap and, with the British weather usually being so miserable, they're not likely to be items I'm going to get much use out of! I bought quite a few basic vest tops for £2 each, which of course I can still wear under other tops or cardigans back home, but the one above is more oversized and slouchy, so I'll probably just be wearing this one under my bikini whilst I'm around the pool during the day. Another daytime holiday essential is a pair of shorts. With my recent mint green obsession, I couldn't not buy this denim-material pair with the frayed edges for £5. The other pair is a much softer, lighter material with an Aztec print, very similar to a pair of trousers I recently purchased from New Look. This pair was just £4.

I then went a little overboard with flip flops! But this little lot still only cost me £6.50 - bargain!Again I had to indulge my mint green obsession - that pair and the blue stripy pair were only £1 each. I also went for a white pair with a little bit of bling on them. I thought I could wear these in the evenings if we are just lounging around the hotel and I don't fancy wearing a pair of heels or wedges. This pair was the most expensive of the bunch at a whopping £3!! I don't really know why I bought the England flip flops. My boyfriend was with me when I went shopping and he convinced me I needed them for the World Cup - even though we will be back home by the time that starts! But, as they were only £1.50, I flung them in my basket without questioning it. I may not take them with me but hopefully the weather will be nice during the World Cup and I can wear them at home!

Bikinis were a nightmare for me to find and I almost came home with nothing. Having, shall we say a larger bust, means that I can't buy the cute little sets that I saw in Primark, which would have saved me a heck of a lot of money! Unfortunately there wasn't a great selection of separates in my size, with good support, in the more affordable ranges, so I had to opt for the Kelly Brook collection in New Look - which doesn't come cheap! I ended up spending over £75 on these three bikinis!! The two plain coloured bikinis with ruched detailing were £16.99 each for the tops and £10.99 for the bottoms. Although they were quite expensive, I really liked how they look on and they give great support, so I'll probably be wearing these two the majority of the time. The bright leopard print bikini was still from New Look, but not the Kelly Brook range, so it doesn't give as much support but it caught my eye as something to wear with a bit more colour to it. I had to go a couple of sizes up in the top - luckily it has a tie up back rather than a clasp, so it's not going to fall down! This one was £12.99 for the top and £7.99 for the bottoms.

Are you going on holiday anywhere this year? What fashion items have you been buying to take with you?


  1. Wow £75 for 3 bikinis! That's seems like a bargain to me as I always head to bravissimo! I just spent £50 on one eeek

    1. Ouch! I got my wedding underwear from there last month and had a look at the bikinis - there was no way I was going to pay that much! x

  2. Lovely haul! I hope you have a lovely time on holiday!