Thursday, 29 May 2014

What's In My Hand Luggage

Apologies for the stupidly late post and the dodgy pictures. I've been so busy with wedding prep today but I still wanted to get this post up, so it's a little later than planned! You may remember from a haul post last month, that I picked up a lovely daisy print luggage bag during a 25% off sale at New Look, which is the perfect size to fit all of by travel bits in. I've left all the important bits like travel documents and money in the capable hands of my soon-to-be husband, as he'll be taking much less stuff with him than me!

I'm only going on a four and a half hour flight, so all of this reading material might seem a little excessive, but I'm a terrible flyer so I need all of the distractions I can get! I've bought a couple of gossip magazines, plus the latest issue of Cosmo, for the flight out and Slimming World magazine for the flight home - I thought it might inspire me to get back on the wagon after two weeks of stuffing my face on an all inclusive holiday! I've heard a lot of good reviews of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, so I wanted to have a read before the film came out.

I'm also taking my notebook, in case any blog post ideas spring to mind for my return home. Technology-wise, I'll be carrying my phone and camera with me. I found this black case in Primark, which has room for money and cards, plus a separate compartment to hold your phone. I thought this would come in handy for the whole holiday, plus nights out once I'm home too. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take these (anyone know?!), but Percy Pigs were on offer in M&S so I thought I'd pick them up for a naughty treat on the plane - one bag for each flight!
Like I said, I'm a really bad flyer, mainly because I get travel sick, so some motion sickness tablets were a must! In my transparent toiletries bag I have some wet wipes, space contact lenses, a mini Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, a Marc Jacobs Daisy roll-on perfume and my favourite Revlon lip butter, Peach Parfait. I'm also taking with me in my carry on a pair of sunglasses and my travel hairbrush, which has a handy mirror attached.
What do you usually take with you in your hand luggage?


  1. Great book choice.. such a beautiful book! Love your phone case too, and definitely approve of your choice of snack! Although, I tend to go for the Veggie Percy's which are just as yummy :)


  2. Percy Pigs... Great choice :o)

    What did you think of The Fault in Our Stars?