Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Neon Nails for £2

I'm always keen to try low budget beauty brands. Why pay so much money if you can get something just as good for a low budget price? So many people have been pretty impressed with Primark's lipsticks, considering they are only a pound. I went to pick one up for myself recently to see just how good they were for the price, and came across their £2 nail polish sets. The neon set instantly caught my eye, having previously seen it on the internet. At just 50p per polish, I had to give them a go.

These colours really are bright - not something I would wear everyday but they would be great for a summer holiday or for anyone going to a festival this year. The application was a little tricky, as the brush is quite short, and it does take quite a few coats to get a opaque finish. The finish below took three coats to achieve, or in the case of the yellow polish, a whopping five coats! Fortunately, they don't take too long to dry in between coats, or you really would be there all night.

The finish you get it very even and quite matte. In terms of wear, they will only last a day or two without chipping, but this was without using a top coat, which I tend to do to make my polish last longer, though I don't think I would wear neon nails for more than a couple of days at a time anyway!

Overall, this would be a good little set to take away with you on a holiday if you were looking for a more vibrant look, as these colours really are super neon, I don't think my photo is doing them much justice. I wouldn't look buy any more Primark nail polish sets for more everyday looks, as the application was not great, but for something a little more fun that I'm going to wear once in a blue moon, these were not bad value for money.

Have you tried Primark nail polishes? What do you think of the neon look?

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