Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Autumn Clothes Haul

I haven't been clothes shopping all that much in recent months, but last weekend I really went to town on stocking up on my autumn/winter wardrobe! It seems to be either all or nothing with me - either I'll go shopping and come back with nothing, or I'll have bags and bags full. And I'm ashamed to say I wasn't done when I got home - I have another online order on it's way, which I should get in the next couple of days. Hopefully this little haul will satisfy me for a while and I won't feel the urge to shop again for some time - I don't think my bank balance could cope!

l-r: Printed top £6.00, Black 2-in-1 top £8.00, Lime collared jumper £10.00, Khaki skirt £8.00, all Primark
I seem to be wearing pretty much the same style to work every day at the moment - dress, tights and a little cardi - so I thought it was about time I picked up some more workwear and mixed it up a little. I absolutely love the lime green jumper, and the collar detailing is so pretty. I seem to have gone with a bit of a collar theme...

Mickey Mouse jumper £16.00, New York T-shirt £5.00, Duvet Day slouch top £7.00, Navy pattern cosy leggings £6.00 all Primark
I clocked the Mickey Mouse jumper as soon as I walked into Primark and had to have it - it's soooo soft and fluffy! It's a little more than I'd expect to pay in Primark for a jumper, but I guess you're paying for the Disney branding. I was in desperate need of some new pyjamas/lounging around clothes,as most of the ones I still have are more summer appropriate - I don't want to freeze to death in a vest and shorts thanks. Primark does some of the best pyjamas, and both the slouch top and the leggings look really comfy. As the top is so baggy, I'll probably end up wearing a vest top underneath it too for extra warmth.

Blue boyfriend coat £54.99, Dogtooth skort £17.99, Black sweatshirt £14.99, Butterfly top £14.99, all New Look
Another work top with a collar - I didn't realise I'd picked up so many! I'd seen the "Nothing to Wear" sweatshirt and thought it was so appropriate, as I always feel like I've got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! I'd seen a very similar blue coat to the one above in Primark for just £25, but after several trips in which they never had my size (or even one a little bit bigger that I could get away with wearing!) I gave in and bought one from New Look. I'm a bit gutted I had to spend a massive £30 extra but I'm glad I finally have one.

Grey bowler bag £22.99, New Look 
It's very rare I come back from a big shopping trip without a new handbag. This one called out to me as I walked past the accessories section and I think it's going to become my new work handbag, It's a great size to fit in anything I could possibly need, and it has a larger strap which to can attach to carry off your shoulder. Plus, it's just so darn cute!

What do you think to my new purchases? What clothes have you been buying recently?


  1. Replies
    1. It's lovely isn't it?! It's nice and cosy too xx

  2. That jumper with the white collar is beautiful! Looks like you're all set for Autumn :)


    Sade xo

  3. i WANT/NEED that purse. its so lovely. wish we had new look here in the States! O_o

    The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. It's my favourite shop, it's a shame you don't have it xx