Thursday, 4 September 2014

Topshop Autumn Wishlist

Finally autumn is here! Autumn is my favourite season for beauty and fashion. I love whacking out the darker lipsticks and layering my clothes, but you don't get the nasty chilliness of winter. Having done a bit of shopping for my autumn wardrobe in New Look and Primark already, I thought I'd take a look online and see what Topshop had to offer. And of course I couldn't resist a cheeky snoop around the beauty section while I was there!

Satchel £34.00 I use satchels quite a lot to carry my bits and pieces in, and I've got a few in my bag collection already, but one of them is getting quite battered and others are more spring/summer appropriate, so I've justified it to myself that I need a new one. I think the chocolate brown colour is perfect for autumn/winter.

Dogtooth Skort £36.00 I never really got on the skort trend during the summer. I couldn't really find one that I liked enough to know I'd get a decent amount of wear out of it. But this one I love. I can see myself teaming this with some tights and cute little boots.

Trench Coat £79.00 Trench coats are ideal for autumn. They're great for layering up when things get a little bit chilly, but you're not going to be sweating under a big heavy coat. You can also bring them out again when it gets a little bit warmer in the spring but you still need covering up. I don't normally buy coats from Topshop, as I find them to be quite pricey, but this one isn't too expensive, and getting two seasons use out of it makes it worth the extra money.

Tile Print Leigh Jeans £40.00 I am obsessed with Leigh jeans. Since buying my first pair I've become a bit of a jeans snob and won't buy any except Topshop. I bought the blue tile print jeans when they were out in the spring and thought the black pair was just as pretty but more autumn/winter themed.

Aubergine Leigh Jeans £38.00 These jeans are top of my list to buy. I had a very similar pair a couple of years ago from River Island, but since I've lost weight I've had to throw them out and I'm very much looking forward to getting a replacement pair! These are the perfect jeans colour for autumn and I love wearing them with cream jumpers or cardis.

The Damned Lipstick £8.00 I'm all about plum/berry lips in the autumn - I've already pulled out my MAC Plumful lippie a couple of times and Rebel will be following suit very soon. The Damned looks very similar to these from swatches I've seen, but perhaps a little more pink toned.

Long Sleeved Crop Top £10.00 I'd seen this on a couple of people's YouTube vlogs and thought this would be a really handy piece for the autumn. I was quite shocked at the price too - very reasonable for Topshop! I thought this would look nice with the dogtooth skort, or one of the many skater skirts in my wardrobe.

Tidal Nail Polish £5.00 It doesn't look very exciting in the bottle, but I've seen it on a few people and it's a lovely blue toned grey. It may be more suited to spring, but I think it's more of a neutral colour than a pastel, so I think I'd get more use out of it in autumn. I only have one Topshop nail polish in my collection so far, and I really like it so I'd love to add some more.

Missile Chelsea Boots £80.00 One thing I really want this autumn is a pair of Chelsea boots. I really like the look of this pair, but I'm pretty sure I've seen some very similar for a much lower price elsewhere, so I'm not 100% that this will be the pair that I buy, but this is just an example of the style I've been looking for.

Tee and Cake Kitten Tshirt £22.00 I love cats, this tshirt is so cute - nuff said! I've bought a few tshirts from the Tee and Cake range before and I've really liked them, and I really struggle to turn down anything with kittens on it! If you're more of a dog fan though, there's also a puppy design too.

Have you bought anything from Topshop recently? What items do you want to add to your autumn wardrobe/makeup collection this year?


  1. Gorgeous picks! I have the Aubergine leigh jeans and they go with so many items!
    I love the dogtooth skort too :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thank you hun, can't wait to get the jeans xx

  2. I love the satchel!I'm really in need of a new satchel too,that one is lovely and perfect for autumn! x

    1. It is really pretty, and not too expensive xx

  3. TOPSHOP has some really great choices. They recently started having some stores here in the US. I'm looking forward to picking up some stuff....not sure what though. Great picks, doll.

    Looking forward to wearing scarves and sweaters.


    1. Thank you, I love wearing scarves too - I have way too many! xx

  4. I love Topshop for winter, especially their jumpers and coats! Love those printed jeans and boots :) xx

    1. I always love their coats but most are pretty expensive xx