Monday, 7 December 2015

Festive Homeware Haul

I really don't know what's more fun at Christmas time. Shopping fot gifts or shopping for bits and bobs for the home. Either way, I love shopping this time of year! Whilst we were all good on the tree decorations from this year, I wanted to pick up a few extra pieces, so that it wasn't just one corner of our living room that had a bit of festive sparkle! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen these purchases before, but I wanted to share them with the rest of you too.

First I'll start with some purchases I made quite a while ago from Avon. This little teaqlight house is so cute, and looks a lot more impressive in the dark! Basically, you place a tealight behind the house, which then lights up when the candle is burning. It looks really pretty, and I've been using it a lot now I've started opening my Yankee Candle advent calendar! It's currently £12 on the Avon website, but I managed to get it on offer in one of the brochures for £8. At the same time I ordered the Noel reed diffuser, which was on offer at the time for £5. It's a really spicy scent, with strong notes of cinnamon coming through. It's quite a small bottle compared to other diffusers I've had, and doesn't kick off the strongest scent across an entire room. It's £8 on the website at the moment, but I wouldn't really recommend paying that much for it.

I love getting in from work, switching all of the main lights off and snuggling up in the living room with the Christmas lights on, so I was on the hunt for more than just the lights on my tree this year. Primark have got a brilliant selection of really affordable lights at the moment, and when I spotted these snowflake lights at just £6 for a set of 10, I had to snap them up. I believe they come in gold too, but we went for the silver ones, as it matches our Christmas colour scheme. We've currently got them hanging on the wall behind our sofa. They don't look too impressive in this photo, but it was the middle of the day when this was taken, and they give a much better effect in the evening. The giant star, however, is super bright no matter what time of day you light it! This was £8 from Wilko, which again I thought was really good value. If you're looking for tree decorations this year too, I'd really recommend taking a look in Wilko - if we didn't have enough already I could've spent a fortune in there! This comes with a hook for you to hang it up (and batteries, unlike the Primark lights!), but we decided just to stand ours up on the bookcase.

Finally, I couldn't leave Primark last weekend without picking up a throw. It's starting to get quite chilly now in the UK, especially with the really strong winds we've been having recently, so I needed something to keep me warm whilst I was snuggled up on the sofa - and of course it had to be festive! This one is really super soft and, whilst it does have a winter theme to it, it's not completely Christmassy, so it won't look out of place once we are into the New Year. It's not the biggest of throws, so not one for sharing, but it was really affordable at £12 - and my husband doesn't seem too bothered by the cold anyway!

Have you picked up any new Christmas homeware pieces this year?

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