Saturday, 5 December 2015

My Favourite Festive Scent

Don't get me wrong, I love to burn candles all year round, but it's the winter scents I love the best. I'm a real big fan of those warmer, spicy and foodie scents that seem to be everywhere this time of year. My absolute favourite has to be, without a doubt, the Christmas Memories candle by Yankee Candle. I spotted this on a recent shopping trip with my friend Alison and instantly started blabbing on about how amazing it was and how she had to buy one for herself. She did, and to my surprise & delight she picked one up for me as an early Christmas present too (thank you so much!).

Whenever I talk about this candle I always describe it as "Christmas in a jar" as it's exactly what I imagine Christmas to be. It's a very foodie smell, like a mixture of mince pies and gingerbread men. It's got a lot of spice to it, with the main scents being cinnamon, spiced orange and ginger, which gives it a really strong but not overpowering scent. It feels the room with a gorgeous warm, Christmas scent - I always get a craving for mince pies whenever I burn this!

I always burn this candle whenever I'm doing anything Christmassy - whether it's snuggled up watching at Christmas DVD, wrapping presents, or decorating the tree - so I'm so glad I've got a medium sized candle to now last me through this December. A medium Yankee Candle can last up to 90 hours burning time and, as I tend to burn mine for around 4 hours at a time, that's a lot of Christmas in a jar for me to enjoy!!

If you were thinking of buying some festive candles, including this one, Yankee Candle have 20% off all things festive this weekend - take a look here.

What's your favourite festive scent?

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