Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas DVDs I Watch Every December

Over the last few years, I've really loved sitting down and watching the Christmas 24 movie channel when I'm at home in December. I remember a couple of years ago, sitting down for hours making my wedding invitations whilst Christmas 24 was on in the background! Whilst I'm all up for discovering new Christmas films - some of them incredibly cheesy - there are some DVDs I just have to watch every single year. It's not Christmas til I've watched this lot!!

Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special I can't believe this was first on TV in 2008!!! That's so long ago now! I was a huge fan of Gavin & Stacey back in the day, and I think the Christmas episode was brilliant. I usually end up watching this one several times over the course of December. Plus, I'm a huge Coventry City fan, so I love the cheeky little reference they get in the middle of the episode!

Elf This one's a bit of a classic really isn't it?! So many people love Elf, but I was actually one of the really late one's to get on the bandwagon. I only ever watched this for the first time a few years ago! I love that there's humour in there both for children and adults.

Family Guy Road To The North Pole It was actually my husband that introduced me to Family Guy, and now we have so many boxsets and are forever watching it on BBC3. You've really got to have a bit of a dark sense of humour to enjoy it though. They've had several Christmas episodes over the years, but this is by far the best. I get excited every time it comes on TV - even though I have the DVD anyway!!

The Muppet Christmas Carol It has been a tradition in our family, going way back to when I was a child, to watch this every year on Christmas Eve. This year I'll be watching it at my sister's house (as long as she's not in labour!!), with our husbands. It's a classic tale and full of songs that get stuck in my head for days after. I did used to be scared of the ghost from the future though - who wouldn't be scared of a giant grey figure with no head when you're six years old?!

Love Actually This is the first DVD I'll usually watch to get me in the Christmas spirit - I think this year I first watched it in October!! There's so many great actors and different storylines in it, it's guaranteed to make me feel warm & fuzzy! I don't know why but I always get the urge to go and do some Christmas shopping after I've watched this film - strange!

What's your favourite festive film or TV show?

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