Friday, 18 December 2015

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter

The Body Shop is one of my favourite places to go during the Christmas period, as their festive scents are always so good. The Glazed Apple range was first launched last year, but this product in particular has been a real hit with me, so much so that I've had to go and repurchase a new one recently.

The scent of the Glazed Apple range is lovely - really fruity. The body butter in particular reminds me quite a bit of those Maoam sweets you can get - anyone remember those?! It's definitely a scent that has grown on me as time has gone on. Last year, my favourite was Frosted Cranberry, but as I've used the Glazed Apple range more, it's taken the lead (though I am yet to try any of the new Plum range, which does sound gorgeous!).

As everyone probably already knows by now, The Body Shop body butters are so thick and norishing, they feel really good on my skin, particularly in the winter when I really need that extra hydration. This is currently my everyday, post shower body moisturiser.

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop Glazed Apple range? Or the Frosted Plum, as I'm really interested to know what that's like!

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