Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Red Lip Favourites

I don't tend to rock these often, but nothing beats a bold red lip at a festive party. Since I've become braver with my lipstick choices over the last couple of years, my red lippie collection has grown quite considerably, so here's a rundown of my five favourites.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking This is more of vibrant red than the usual classic, and is quite orangey toned. This is the red lipstick that I tend to pick for nights out all year round. The pencil form makes it so easy to apply, and it stays put for hours. Although it is a matte formula, it's really comfortable to wear. As a side note, the Revlon matte balms smell just like spearmint - something a lot of people hate but I personally love!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick This lipstick is an absolute classic among the beauty blogging community. It's an absolutely stunning colour, more of a blue toned red, but your lips do have to be in good condition if you're going to wear it. It is super matte, so it's going to stay put all night long, but that does mean it's going to be quite drying on the lips after a while. If you can put up with that though, it's definitely worth it.

L'Oreal Blake's Red Lipstick I love these little collections that L'Oreal keep bringing out - I was all over the nudes collection which came our prior to the reds. This one actually looks quite similar to Ruby Woo when it's on the lips, but I think this is a slightly more intense colour, if that's even possible! It's absolutely stunning, especially on those with a fair skintone. It's not as matte as Ruby Woo, so more comfortable. Unfortunately that also means not as long wearing, but still holds up pretty well.

Topshop Hazard Lipstick This is probably my favourite red lippie of them all, and I've already gotten quite a lot of wear out of it this festive season. This one is a true red colour, and is really pigmented on the lips. It has more of a satin formula to it, so it's really comfortable to wear. It still lasts really well though - it's outlasted me eating my dinner before now, and fades really evenly so you're not left with a patchy lip.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Personne ne Rouge I love these liquid lipsticks. The wand is great for a precise application and the formula dries to a matte look that stays put on the lips all night. The shade has a slight orange tone to it, similar to Striking but not as vibrant. This is another lipstick that comes close to that "true" red shade.

swatches left to right as pictured above
What's your favourite red lipstick?

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