Sunday, 14 February 2016

Slimming World Sunday - Inspirational Instagram Accounts

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share the love a little, and show you some of my favourite Slimming World Instagram accounts to follow. I find Instagram a great motivational tool for my Slimming World journey, whether it be posting my own meals to keep me on track, or finding new meals on others posts. I spend many an evening scrolling through #slimmingworld looking for delicious new recipes to try. Here are just five of my favourite accounts that have kept me motivated over the last few months.

I find Emily so inspiring with the amount of weight she has lost. She was featured in one of the Slimming World Magazines recently and her story was incredible - she's lost an entire person! Her food pictures always make me so hungry. Her food looks so delicious, and her plate is always full. Her Tuesday treat night pics do make me very envious, but with target looming for me, hopefully I'll be able to indulge in those myself soon!

My Slimming World consultant and one of the nicest women - she made me feel so welcome when I made the switch to her group last April. She's been a target member for 15 years now, which is incredible. As someone who's lost weight in the past and struggled to maintain, I'm really inspired by her, and I'm hoping with her help that I will be a target member for many years to come too. She's always coming up with crazy food ideas that you think would never work well, but they always do, so she's a great one to follow if you like trying new things.

Another Slimming World member to have recently featured in the magazine with a really inspiring story. She's a truly beautiful woman inside & out. Again, her food posts always look amazing, and she seems to love her speed foods a lot, so I find looking at her posts helps me when I'm struggling to eat enough of those.

Samantha theslimmingmama

Samantha is another member who really does know how to pack in her speed foods! I came across her account when I was looking at ideas for my SP week, as she likes to follow that plan a lot of the time. I find her account really useful when I'm stuck for ideas, as a lot of her meals are very simple to make, but still look great. Her comparison pictures are amazing too!

Most of the people I've featured are target members, but Jodie is still making her way through her Slimming World journey. The amount of weight she has lost so far though is amazing - over 6 stone! As well as sharing her food posts, Jodie posts quite a lot of useful tips, and various syn values, which have made me stop and think in the past about what food I'm buying. She's also a Fitbit user, so I like to see her posting those updates too.

Do you follow any inspiring Slimming World accounts on Instagram? Please do let me know, as I'm always looking for new people to follow,

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