Monday, 5 January 2015

Best Websites For Fitness Tips

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I've seen a lot of people, myself included, have set themselves a goal to either lose weight, or just generally eat healthier and get fitter this year. I know at the start of the journey in particular it can be pretty hard going, and it's difficult to keep the motivation up. When I feel myself slacking a little, I like to take a look online and find inspiration for new workouts or recipes to try, so that I'm not bored by doing the same routines over and over. Here are my favourite sites for finding fitness inspiration online.

Cassey's website was one of the first I discovered when I started my campaign to get fit last year, and it's one I've constantly gone back to. Her workout planners are the best, as she combines basic workout moves with routines from her YouTube videos - I'm currently doing her 30 day flat abs challenge! She has some of the easiest but healthiest recipes too - I'm talking super quick.

So Popsugar's not just about celebrity gossip, their fitness section is brilliant. There's loads of great workout ideas on the website, with a few videos and recipes thrown in too. What I like about this site is there seems to be dedicated workouts for each specific body area, and for whatever mood you're in too.

Women's Health is my favourite health and fitness magazine, and this is basically it in digital form. There's lots of interesting articles on how to look and feel your best, and to boost your motivation. As well as the general healthy eating and fitness posts, there's a lot about health in our lives in general, which also makes a really interesting read.

This website is such a funny read and makes the topic of fitness so much more light-hearted, whilst still making it's content really useful. You'll really get a boost of motivation from ready this witty little blog. There's a lot of different workouts on here too, and even dedicated sections for beginners and the more advanced, depending on which part of your fitness journey you're at. They also have a sister site called "Fit Bottomed Eats" which is fully of great nutritional recipes.

Get The Gloss is a website that I've read for quite a while anyway, but I haven't long been reading their fitness section. Again there's lots of great articles to get stuck into to help improve your fitness game. Within the Get The Gloss website there's another section dedicated to nutrition, which I've also found helpful, though I'd stay clear of the 5:2 diet if I were you!

Do you have any good fitness website recommendations?


  1. Blogilates is amazing isn't it! I always used to do a few of her workouts, but now I've just gotten lazy haha. HASfit is a good one, they're on youtube x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out xx

  2. Definitely going to check these out!

    1. Let me know what you think, Blogilates is fab xx

  3. I'm going to start the Blogilates Beginners program next week. Pumped! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  4. Great list! I'll have to check some out :)