Wednesday, 2 September 2015

20 Signs Beauty Blogging Is Taking Over Your Life

I thought I'd do something a little bit different for today's post, and write something a little more light hearted. I love my blog, and sometimes it can take up quite a lot of my spare time. I've put together a list of the warning signs that you're blog may be beginning to take over your life. Remember, this post is just a little bit of fun and not to be taken seriously at all.

1. Cursing the day the clocks go back in the UK. Virtually no sunlight all day = poor blog photos, so at the first sight of sunlight your grab your camera and take as many pictures as you can through fear you won't get the opportunity again for another week.

2. Having a meltdown when you've accidentally swatched a new product before taking a photo of it.

3. Justifying a purchase as "for the blog".

4. A new product is launched just before payday - you decide to live off beans & toast for the next few days because you can't possibly wait a few days to buy it.

5. Ignoring anyone around you during the Twitter chats. It's hard enough to keep up as it is!

6. Unnecessarily buying several different products that do exactly the same thing just so that you can do a comparison post.

7. Crossing one thing off your wishlist, then adding five more.

8. Explaining to your friends why two identical looking lipsticks are actually very different and you have to have both. They just look at you dumbstruck.

9. Your cupboards are overflowing with half used products. How are you supposed to wait until one thing is used up before trying another?!

10. Knowing you'll never use that limited edition product but buy it anyway for the pretty packaging.

11. Taking twenty minutes taking shots for one photo, just to make sure you've got the perfect angle.

12. Blog posts come to you at the most random times of day - better get that list out before you forget!

13. Waking up in a blind panic realising you've forgotten to schedule tomorrows blog post, then stay up til 3am just to get it finished!

14. Going into Boots for some toothpaste and coming out with a bag full of products - haul post sorted!

15. Having to check your Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Bloglovin feeds before you can even think about starting the day.

16. Spending hours playing around with your blog design & layout, then deciding it looked better to begin with.

17. Telling anyone that will listen about your latest blog post - then having to explain what a blog actually is.

18. Having to reread your blog post four times before you dare hit the publish button.

19. You've got your Blogmas posts planned out before summer is over - it's good to be organised!

20. Referring to people by their blog name or social media handle - what was her name again?!

I hope you enjoyed this post & it made you chuckle a little. How many of these are you guilty of?!

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