Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Favourite Blush Of All Time - Benefit Rockateur

I can't believe how long I've had this blush, and how many times it has featured briefly on my blog, yet it doesn't have it's own blog post dedicated to it...until now! Before Rockateur came out, I could never seem to justify the price of a Benefit blush. I felt like I could get very similar colours on the high street for a fraction of the price, so I didn't really see what all the fuss was about. After seeing swatches of the Rockateur blush though, I swiftly changed my mind. The colour was beautiful and I thought it would suit me nicely, and at the time I couldn't recall seeing anything similar in the high street, so I nabbed it as soon as it was released in my local Debenhams!

Lets get the packaging out of the way first, shall we?! I hate it, really hate it! Aside from the fact that I think the design is really tacky looking, I'm just not a fan of the Benefit boxed powders packaging in general. The cardboard packaging is bulky and not very sturdy. Mine is coming apart from the hinges on one side, so I'm worried about if falling apart completely then not being about to travel with my favourite blush! The blush comes with a small brush inside the box, which I don't really see a need for, and I'm not even sure where mine is! Yes, it's handy for taking with you on the go, but it means the packaging is so much bulkier to fit it in. I'd sacrifice the tiny brush in favour of sleeker, sturdier packaging any day!

The blush itself though is absolutely beautiful. It comes embossed with this sort of prism pattern, and the word "Rock" in the middle. Again, this might be a little tacky to some, but I actually quite like this feature and makes it more than just colour in a pan. As you can see, mine has faded out quite a lot, but you can just about make out the "k" on the end!

The colour is a beautiful dusky rose gold with hints of shimmer to it, which means it acts as a sort of two in one product, as there's really no need to wear a highlighter when you've got this blush on. It gives my cheeks a nice subtle flush and glow, and looks really good with most makeup looks all year round.

The pigmentation is just about right - subtle enough that you won't look like a clown if you go too heavy handed, but gives just enough pay off that you don't have to pile it on for it to look like there's some colour to your cheeks. The wear time is really good too, with it staying put on my skin throughout a working day.

I'm so glad I bought this blush, it's always my go to colour when I really don't know what else to wear and looks good every time, so I'll definitely be repurchasing this again and again. Despite my love of the blush though, when you're paying £23.50 a time for one of their boxed powders, I really wish Benefit would rethink the packaging a little.

Have you tried Benefit's Rockateur? What's your favourite blush?


  1. I've had this in my wishlist for so long, I seriously need to get my hands on it! The shade looks perfect :)

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous, I'd definitely recommend getting it xx