Sunday, 27 September 2015

Slimming World Sunday - September 2015 Update

 Another month, another award! I'm so pleased I've been able to keep this up, and if I carry on at the rate I've been going, I should get to target for Christmas, which would be amazing. Having sat down and worked it out, that is now the aim I am focusing on. September was a good month for me in terms of weight loss, when you look at the month as a whole, but I think it highlighted to me just how important going to group is for keeping me on track.

So, the first week of the month I was unable to attend group due to work. I kind of used this as a green light to be a little naughty and not stick to plan for the rest of that week. Once the weekend was over of course I instantly regretted it and set about my mission to ensure week two didn't result in a gain. I've realised I do this all too often when I know I can't go to group - it's as if I almost write the week off as not counting as I won't be stepping on the scales. What I fail to register every time is that it will have an affect on the following week though!

Week two I weighed in with a half a pound loss, so I was really pleased to have been able to undo the damage of the previous week, but still a bit frustrated with myself, as if I hadn't had that blowout, I could've had a really good loss that week. What's done is done though, and I resolved to work really hard for the rest of the month to ensure September ended on a high.

After that weigh in, I finally got around to reading the new magazine I'd bought at the end of last month. There's some really inspiring stories and articles in there, plus some delicious looking recipes for the colder months. The little recipe books that came with the magazine is packed full of things I wanted to try. I've recently made the cowboy pie, which was absolutely delicious, and tomorrow I'm buying the ingredients for campfire stew, which looks like another great winter warmer.

Week three I hit the speed food hard and made sure I stuck to the plan 100%. We'd had a new member talk given to the entire group by our consultant the week before, and it really spurred me on to go back to basics, and think more about what I was eating, to ensure I'd get a good loss. I was rewarded with a 2lb loss and finally my 1 1/2 stone award! I was so thrilled and motivated to carry on what I'd done that week.

This last week I was really unsure of what to expect on the scales. I had surgery on my leg on Wednesday and in a lot of pain, but I was still determined to weigh in on the Thursday - I didn't want to miss another week. even if it was just going to be a weigh and go! I'm so glad I didn't miss it, as I'd lost another 3lbs, though my body didn't thank me for our little trip out later! Recovery has led to an up and down week as far as Slimming World is concerned, so again I'm not really sure what to expect next week, but I seem to be over the worst of it now, so I'll be 100% focused for the rest of the week and hopefully it will pay off.

My total weight loss now stands at 1st 11lb, so I'm well over half way now, and really want to push for target by Christmas - I've worked out that my average needs to be between 1.5lb and 2lb per week to achieve this. It's doable, but still going to be tough, as weight loss tends to slow down the closer you get to target, but I will try as hard as I possibly can to achieve it. Now that payday has arrived, I will be committing myself by buying a countdown at group this week. I feel like when I've already spent the money to attend, it really pushes me to get the most out of that money.

How has your weight loss journey been this September?

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