Friday, 25 September 2015

Payday Wishlist

Today is finally my payday! It seems like forever since the last one - probably because I've spent most of the last month broke! But now I finally have a little bit of cash to spare, it's time to treat myself. Here are a few things I've been lusting after recently.

Maybelline Master Sculpt £6.99 Ever since the makeup artist at my sister's wedding used this on my face, I've been lusting after it. It gave my skin the most gorgeous glow, without making me look orange - something my pale skin struggles with when it comes to contour products. It felt really nice on my skin, and lasting all day too.

Daisy Dream Forever £59.00 I haven't actually smelt this perfume yet, but it's a Daisy perfume, there hasn't been one that I've not liked yet! Marc Jacobs perfumes are my favourite, especially the Daisy range. I have the original Daisy Dream, which I've used to death over the summer, and I absolutely adore the packaging - so cute!

Soap & Glory Speed Plump £13.00 I have dry skin, which means we are approaching the time of year where the weather wreaks havoc on my skin, and I need to start really stepping up my skincare routine. I've seen quite a few good reviews on this product, describing it as hydrating but with a lightweight feel, which is just what I need. I think £13 is a really good price for a moisturiser, so I'm definitely giving this a go soon.

Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle £14.24 (Medium) Home Sweet Home is the fragrance of the month at the moment, so I'll have to get my hands on it quick before the price goes back up. I love the really spicy candle scents that come out at autumn time, and this candle has all of those delicious spicy baking scents that I love so, although I've never bought this candle before, I know I'm going to love it.

New Look Dark Red Boots £24.99 Ohhh these boots are gorgeous. I've been looking at various different burgundy red boots recently, and almost bought a pair from Primark earlier this month, but I wasn't a fan of the black elastic panel on the side of them. This pair is completely red, which I much prefer and, although they are obviously more expensive than Primark, I still think £25 is a reasonable price. They also come in tan & black, which I'm going to have to resist!

Accessorize Eleanor Yellow Bag £25.00 With most of my autumn wardrobe being made up of neutral colours, I thought I needed to add some colour in somewhere. This bag is so cute - it's one of those mini shoulder bags, so the perfect size for taking around your everyday essentials without being big and bulky. I thought this colour would look really nice with tan clothing.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara £7.99 I'm never loyal when it comes to my mascaras, and have very rarely repurchased one, so I'm always on the hunt for a new one to try when I start to run out. I've seen mixed reviews on this mascara, but I really like the rest of the Wake Me Up range, and have enjoyed using Rimmel mascaras in the past, so I thought I'd give this new one a go.

Essie Cosy Up In Cashmere Duo £12.99 I can't find this set anywhere online, so I'm going to have to nip into my local Boots to get it. It contains the shades Wrap Me Up & Comfy In Cashmere from Essie's cashmere matte range, which looks gorgeous. Both of the shades are very neutral which, if you read my recent blog post, you'll know I've been enjoying wearing recently, and these shades will fit nicely into my collection.

What's currently on your wishlist?


  1. I've been meaning to pick up Speed Plump for ages! I think it will be perfect for my skin in winter!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I know, fingers crossed it will do the trick. I think I'll pick it up next time I go to Boots xx

  2. If you live near a savers healthy and beauty
    the Mascara is only 4.99 not much of a saving but still a few pounds


    1. Thanks for the tip, I live not too far from a Savers so I'll take a look xx

  3. Those boots are such a stunning colour! :)