Monday, 10 August 2015

OGX Coconut Water Hair Care Range

After hearing a lot of good things about OGX haircare, their coconut water range in particular, I decided whilst they were on offer to pick them up and see for myself. My hair is quite often dry and damaged, so I thought this range would be just what I needed to perk it up a little. With some big names in the blogging world giving them a thumbs up, I had pretty high hopes for OGX.

Despite absolutely despising the taste of coconut, I don't mind the scent too much, though it wasn't too overpowering in these products which was nice. The shampoo lathered up really nicely, though it did seem to leave my hair with a slight tacky feeling. I thought at first it was simply because I hadn't quite washed all of the product out, but it seemed that no matter how much rinsing I did that feeling wasn't going away. I was worried this would leave my hair looking greasy, but once my hair had dried, the tackiness had gone and it didn't look greasy at all. The conditioner on the other hand felt really nice to apply and washed out really easily.

After my first wash I can't say that I really noticed much difference at all. My hair looked ok but nothing special and I can't say that it felt any more hydrated. Some products do take a bit of time to really get working though, so I persevered with it. After a couple of weeks use, I did notice a slight improvement in how hydrated my hair felt, but I've definitely gotten better results from other products, and I can't say that it really looked any better. My hair just didn't really look like it had much life to it, so I was pretty disappointed.

I decided to introduce the hydration oil into my haircare routine, and have to say that's when I started to notice an improvement pretty quickly. My hair had more of a shine to it and felt really nourished without feeling weighed down. I did also get a few comments on how nice my hair smelt too, as the coconut scent from the oil really does linger..

Considering how much praise this shampoo & conditioner has received I was pretty disappointed with the results I got. There are definitely much more affordable products out there which have done much more to improve the condition of my hair. Having said that, I have been pretty impressed by the hydration oil, and would consider purchasing that again to use in conjunction with other products in my haircare routine.

Have you tried any products from OGX? What's your favourite haircare brand?


  1. Thank you for this post! I have been thinking about trying this line, also. I think I might just stick to trying the regular coconut shampoo and the oil from the hydration line.