Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Recent Non Beauty Favourites

I've realised that I haven't done one of these posts in a very long time! I spend so long gabbing on about all of the beauty products I've been enjoying that I often neglect to tell you all of the other things I've been loving. So here's a long overdue round up of some of my recent non beauty favourites.

Ministry of Sound Throwback R&B CD
Yes that's right, I still buy CDs - am I the only one?! It's like books, I'd rather have them physically there than in digital form! But anyway, this CD is frigging amazing! I bought it well over a month ago now, when I was out shopping on my birthday, and I have been constantly alternating the three discs in my car ever since (have to say, my husband is not a fan & is getting pretty sick of them now!). It's packed full of all of the old R&B tunes I used to listen to as a teenager so I'm having great fun reminiscing whilst listening to this. Best. Compilation. Album. Ever.

Friends DVD Boxset
I hadn't watched an episode of Friends in forever. Then, one lazy Sunday afternoon, I was flicking through the Sky guide, trying to find something to watch and spotted a whole marathon of episodes on Comedy Central. With nothing else taking my fancy I decided to put in on for a while, and ended up sitting there for hours until all the episodes had finished, at which point I wanted more and dug out my much neglected boxset and stuck the next series DVD on! That was a few weeks ago now, and whenever I've had any spare TV time since I've pulled out another Friends DVD - I'm now officially hooked again! I think I've gotten through about three series so far.

Red Raspberry Yankee Candle
Knowing how much I love candles, my friend bought me this as part of my birthday present. I'd never seen this candle before but I love any of the fruity scents so was sure it was going to be a hit with me, but wow I didn't expect the scent to be quite this incredible. It's so sweet & fruity, and smells quite a lot like jam! The candle kicks off quite a powerful scent too, which lingers for a long time after burning and makes the whole room smell gorgeous. This one is a serious contender for my favourite Yankee Candle ever!

Blue Primark Handbag 
I bought this handbag quite a while ago for I think around the £8 mark, which is a great price for such a pretty bag. It's a great size for using whilst going out in the day. It's roomy enough to carry everything you need without being big and bulky, like a lot of day bags are. It's got a long strap attached so that you can hang it off your shoulder too. I love the pretty pastel blue shade, so nice for summer, and the gold detailing makes it look a little more upmarket than Primarni!

Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Bars
If you read my Slimming World snacks post you'll know that one of my favourite things to eat are Alpen Light bars. I used to eat a variety of different flavours, but since they released the new Jaffa Cake flavour, no other flavour compares to them. I have to buy a box every single week! The orange taste is really quite strong, so you have to be a fan of that to enjoy them, but I think they are really nice & zesty! The drizzle of chocolate on top gives the flavour of a Jaffa Cake, but without using up my syns if I use the bar as a Healthy Extra choice, and definitely more filling.

How To Find Your Vital Vocation by Brian Cormack Carr
This book was actually written by a friend's partner and I've found it really useful recently. I've been unhappy in my job for quite some time, but having sat and thought about it, I realised I probably would still be unhappy if I found a similar role with another company. I wanted a career that would actually make me happy to get up and go to work in the mornings. The trouble was I had no idea at all what it was that I actually wanted to do. This book has various different exercises to help you establish what your ideal career would be, as well as some really useful tips on how to achieve job satisfaction and a career you love. I'd say this book is a must for anyone who feels that they are at a crossroads in their working life.

What are your recent non beauty favourites?


  1. That bag is so pretty, I can't believe its from Primark. Great post :) x

    1. Thank you hun, it's gorgeous isn't it?! xx