Sunday, 2 August 2015

Slimming World Sunday - July 2015 Update

July has been a bit of a weird month for me Slimming World wise. I had my bridesmaids dress fitting at the end of June and although it had to be taken in ever so slightly, it was a pretty good fit. To avoid my sister having to fork out for two different alterations I've had to be careful not to loose too much weight since. It's felt really weird going into group hoping for a small weight loss rather than several pounds, but I think I've managed to strike a good balance of still losing, and making sure the dress still fits - and as you can see I've got my 1 stone award!

So since my first Slimming World Sunday post at the end of June, I've lost another 4 1/2 pounds, taking my total weight loss now to 1st 1lb. I'm pretty happy with that - it means that my weight is still going in the right direction but the dress is still a good fit. My sister's wedding is this coming Friday though, so as soon as that is done with I'm right back on it - starting with following SP for the rest of that "Slimming World week", which I'll be doing a blog post about afterwards. Luckily I get weighed on a Thursday, so that gives me plenty of time to undo the days damage!

One of my proudest moments from the month came right at the start, on my hometown's carnival day. It's a family tradition to all go back to my Gran's house after the carnival and have a chippy tea. In past years I would've tucked into a fishcake and lots of chips covered in curry sauce. God knows how many syns that would've amounted to, but I didn't want to sabotage my weight loss so far by going all out, especially with my birthday being the following Monday! I still ordered my usual fishcake, so I didn't fell like I was missing out at all, but instead of my usual side, I prepared my own salad to eat with it, so I managed to stay well within my syns for the day (a fishcake is 7 syns). It's small changes like that that can make a really big difference, and I managed to lose 2 1/2 pounds that week, even with it being my birthday!

The losses have been slow and steady since that week - that was quite a big loss to have in a week when you're trying not to lose too much, so I knew I had to be careful for the rest of the month! One thing I knew I wanted to do this month though was to get my stone award, which I managed to achieve with one weight in left to go. My next target is my Club 10, which I'm just one pound away from, and I'm hoping to get when I weigh in the day before the wedding - fingers crossed!

With lots a prep left to do before the big day, it's meant spending a lot of time at my sister's house helping her as much as I can. With her being pregnant at the moment, and her seemingly craving a lot of sweet treats, you can imagine how much naughty food there is in her house at the moment, so I've had to go prepared to ensure I'm not tempted by the high syn options. I've taken plenty of fruit with me to up my speed food intake, and also made a syn free houmous to dip sliced peppers into. It was my first ever attempt at making my own, and it was pretty good!

It turns out it's not all chocolate in my sister's cupboards though! When I kept her company on the evening of her fiances stag do, she very kindly cooked me my favourite Slimming World dish - chilli! If you read last weeks post, you'll know how much I love chilli, and make a batch practically every week! I have to say though, my sister's chilli is my favourite. My sister and I are both big fans of spice, whilst my husband prefers something a little milder, so I have to hold back a little when I make chilli at home. With just my sister and I eating this time though she packed in loads of spicy ingredients - it was delicious and definitely my favourite meal of the month!

So once this next week is over I'm really going to crack on with more body magic & more speed foods, and hopefully I'll be back with a really impressive weight loss to share with you for August. My sister in law is getting married at the end of October and I'd love to get to target before her big day. It's a tough ask, with three months to lose just over 2 stone but I'll try my best at least!

How did you do on your weight loss journey in July?


  1. Congrats on the stone award, I am just about to hit my two stone this week (if I am lucky) and I am loving this diet a lot. The chilli is also a firm fave of mine :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. Thank you! Well done to you, fingers crossed you get that award this week xx