Friday, 31 July 2015

Primark Haul July 2015

I've been doing a lot of shopping in Primark over the past few months. It's definitely become my new favourite place to shop - they've really upped their game over the last year and although I swear their prices are creeping up, they are still really affordable compared to other stores. Rather than bombard you with a massive haul of everything I've bought since my blogging break, I thought I'd just show you my most recent purchases, so you're more likely to still be able to get the products I'm showing you.

Mint Green Sleeveless Top £9.00 Ok so this is majorly creased, apologies for that! I've really needed to buy some more summer appropriate workwear this year, and I thought this top was smart enough to be worn to work. I really like the colour, and the gold detailing on the shoulders. It's got a dipped hem at the back, so it will cover my bum if I decide to wear it with leggings!

Striped Chiffon Midi Skirt £10.00 I think this could be worn both to work and as part of a more casual outfit. Although it's chiffon material, it's also pleated, so any creases don't look so obvious! I was worried about how this would look, as being so short can mean that some skirts just look wrong on me, but this hits me at just the right length.

Striped Mini Skirt £8.00 I actually think I'm going to leave this skirt tucked away until autumn and pair it with some tights and boots. It's that slightly thicker material that a lot of autumn/winter skirts tend to be made out of, and I think the monochrome would look really nice with a coloured jumper.

Floral Print Trousers £12.00 These were very strategically placed right at the front of the store and caught my eye instantly. How pretty are these?! They would look great at work or for an evening out paired with just a simple white top. I am in love - but I will have to get the iron out before I wear these anywhere!

Patterned Smock Dress £3.90 This was definitely the bargain of the shop! These dresses are meant to be £5 each, which is really good anyway, but were on offer at just £3.90 when I went (not sure if they still are, sorry!). There's so many designs to choose from, but I thought this one was really pretty. I intended on wearing it on a day off but it's been flipping freezing cold since - I'd definitely recommend stocking up on these if you're going away though!

Black Cold Shoulder Top £6.00 Off the shoulder tops seem to be everywhere are the moment, especially gypsy style tops which I'm really not a fan of - I just can't pull them off! This more basic style seems to suit me a lot better and again could be used for more formal wear too.I really want to get this in more colours.

Black Peeptoe Shoe Boots £14.00 Something about these just screamed out 90s to me - I'm sure my mum had a white pair like this back then! I ran over and started rummaging for a size 5 - I managed to get the last ones yay! I think they would look so cute with a skater skirt or trousers. The heel is the perfect size for me too, enough to give me some height but not so much that I'd be struggling to walk in them (I'm really bad at walking in heels!).

As I seem to shop in Primark at least once a month, I'm thinking of making these hauls a monthly feature on the blog, so let me know if this is something you'd be interested in and if there's anything different you'd like to see in the format.

What was your favourite piece? What have you bought from Primark recently?


  1. You have picked up some lovely bits! I love those shoes, such a perfect heel if you don't want to go all out with a high heel but not wear a flat x

    1. Thank you, I'm soooo in love with these shoes xx

  2. I love those floral print pants! I tried on a similar pair, but they just didn't look right on me because I have huge hips :(.


    1. I've got a few pairs of trousers from Primark now, they have some really nice coloured ones too xx