Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Birthday In Pictures

So Monday was my birthday and I turned the grand old age of 27. Many of you will be thinking that's not old at all, but now I can feel my thirties approaching I am starting to feel that way! Having a birthday on a Monday would normally suck, but luckily my workplace introduced something new this year where you get you birthday as an extra days annual leave - pretty cool! I was going to book the day off anyway - I've never worked on my birthday - but at least I didn't lose any holiday entitlement this time!

Cards from my loved ones
I got some lovely presents this year, I was very lucky
The day started off pretty chilled, having breakfast in bed whilst opening cards and presents. Then, as most people tend to give me money for my birthday, my husband and I headed off into Birmingham to do a spot of shopping. Getting there is pretty easy for us, as there's a bus that stops at the bottom of our road in Coventry, and stops just outside Selfridges (having previously worked in Birmingham, I knew I didn't fancy driving around the city centre!).

Spending my birthday money!
Just a few hours wandering round the shops really wiped me out (another reason I'm feeling old!), so we had a bit of a rest at home watching Wimbledon, before getting ready to head out to Zizzi for dinner. I went a little off my Slimming World plan but, hey, it's one meal and if you can't do it on your birthday, when can you?!

The main course I have every time I got to Zizzi - Ravioli Di Capra
Pannacotta for dessert - this was so good!
We finished the evening by calling in to see my sister and her fiance, as we had a few goodies to pass onto them from our shopping trip - including half a dozen Krispy Kremes which were almost completely demolished in the time we were there (not by me I must add, I resisted!).

Outfit I wore to dinner
I've now got the rest of the week off, so I'm looking forward to just relaxing, as well as making a few exciting plans for the future (I'll reveal more on those sometime in the hopefully not too distant future!).

I'll be back on Friday with a very special mini haul from Monday's shopping trip!


  1. Happy belated birthday! That's so nice of your work, letting you have a day off! You got some lovely gifts and you looked amazing :)

  2. Happy Birthday for Monday, looks like you had a lovely one. I'm 28, so definitely know the struggle of nearly turning 30 lol.

    Sarah | <3

  3. Looks as though you have a very lovely & loved birthday. Happy belated birthday to you. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thank you, I did have a lovely day :) x

  4. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great day! I've never been to Zizzi but judging by your photos of the food i need to go there!

    Courtney |